the Word "karma" in Sanskrit means action or activity. When we do something or say is karma. Thoughts and reflections - it is also karma. All our life is permeated with karma.

the totality of the karma of the present incarnation and the past is called Sanchita-karma. Since we live not one life, karma is recruited in large numbers. For one life only appears the share of Sanchita-karma, the rest we will get into other lives.

Share of Sanchita-karma
Shown the share of Sanchita-karma is called prarabdha-karma. "Prarabdha" is translated as what transpired. It includes beauty, health, income, intelligence, relations, etc. in Fact, all that is around us is a manifestation of our karma. And karma can manifest at different levels. Let's consider them separately:

1. Bija- karma in seed form; just show up, but at a certain time.
2. Kuta- the manifestation of karma; is in the process of maturing.
3. Phalonmukha- a fully-manifested karma in the form of some result.

in other words, karma, is highlighted in this incarnation, is manifested by parts, not all at once. And karma can be both good and bad, or mixed. Accordingly, the results of such karma will be different.

Bad karma
In Sanskrit, bad karma is called vikarma. This activity is destructive towards yourself and others. It is contrary to the laws of the universe and brings harm to all. When we do such activities, we may not understand that it will cause harm. However, this does not exempt us from bad consequences, which will be obtained in this life or the next.

Good karma
In Sanskrit, good karma is called punya-karma. This activity brings benefit to the person and others. Making her man gets good results both in this and the following embodiments. Not necessarily such activities will bring us joy and satisfaction.

Combined karma
within our business we are able to make mistakes. Such errors can belong to the category of vikarma. In this scenario, we get the result in the form of good karma and a little bad.

whatever karma we have made, we will have to obtain the results. And then the question arises whether it is possible to change karma? When it comes to good karma, nobody wants to change it, and the bad I want to fix.

Bad karma or difficult situations in life are not something negative, it is important to understand. These situations teach us that we must be attentive to others and be a benefit to the world. And this is why we can safely say - karma can be changed! Take, for example, plastic surgery. This change of karma: it was one person and became another.

basically the problem is that people do not want to change himself. He wants to change the world around them. If a person rests, when manifested karma, and begins all to blame, that his life did not change. However, it should be changed to himself, as his fate is immediately changed. If this happens, you can say, karma is fulfilled. Karma is not a tool of punishment, it is a tool of correction of personality, her behavior and thinking. It's like the Amnesty in the prison. If a prisoner has changed his behavior, he's being released early.

There are situations in which a person to repent of mistakes, but it changes nothing. Or people can't understand what he is doing wrong, where is the error. Karma comes into his life and has influenced him, but recognition is not enough. In this case we are talking about an unconscious behavior that is not dictated by our minds, and our subconscious. And one change consciousness not enough to change the deeper part of the consciousness. Unfortunately, to understand what is wrong, is very difficult. We need help from outside some specialist.

for Example, my experience of regressao shows that the most difficult problems easier to solve, finding their "root". To enter into a situation where she was made a any activity, load the result in this life. To do it in another, changing his decision, or thinking, and back. This amazing practice change the person and his life on many levels. However, people often do not notice what have changed, because the modified deep part of their psyche.

so, we should remember that our life is a series of births and deaths. And everything we do stays in our subconscious and influences us in the present. Therefore, it is desirable to live honestly and conscience. Such behavior will bring benefit in this life and the next.

I'll stop there. Next time I will write about the five types of vikarma , which makes any person regardless of his actions.

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