What is life?


What is life? Seems silly to ask yourself this question, it seems that the answer is obvious... But if it's all the same to voice this question, it would appear that for all this, and something common and something different. One word, one concept, and values so much.

There are answers that are radiating optimism, desire to live forced to believe in his bright future, give the illusion of control.

And there are answers, sinking into the abyss of meaninglessness, giving birth to the longing and the deepest experience of his own loneliness in the crowd. The illusion of control collapses and you appear floating on a flimsy boat across the boundless undulating, unpredictable sea of life. Where am I going? What if I don't survive at the end?

Religion gives hope, promising that at the end I was not waiting for the dark. She, as a caring mother, trying to soothe the anxiety and fear of the child. But the child feels, shoots the light scent of her uncertainty. We want to believe her words, but I'm afraid that this will not be true. Because we are so often deceived... the best of intentions.

Life is a gift, life is the greatest deception, the illusion. Someone's creation or an amazing coincidence?

Life is people, life is feelings. Happiness, pleasure and love, but also pain, anxiety and suffering.

Life is an endless series of births and deaths. It's a river, it's a process, movement and time.

Life is the greatest freedom in mocking the narrow confines of the body, time, thinking.

Life is the wind that fills the sail is a fragile sense. Woe to those who wonder "why", he will meet with this ocean, with himself, with other boats, unable to live, to float this way for him.

Someone will give up, refuse to play by these it is unclear who the established rules of the game. He leaves, and immediately and abruptly interrupting your life or long suffering, waiting until the end of his time.

the Other will stubbornly sail, substituting the sail to the wind. Sometimes he will change course, referring to the internal compass and the way it will support the fact that his loneliness is not lonely. He will look at other people, how and where they are floating, coming closer and moving away to go its course.

Ilchenko Olga
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