What is loneliness?


Loneliness. One of the most popular requests for consultations. I'm lonely, I feel bad, nobody loves me. Spending time with myself the person is not able to, and to communicate with others does not work, do not want and forces it has no. All around are seen the dull, stupid and not able to keep the conversation “on high”. If name is on some activities, they are perceived as stupid and pointless, and the people feel most indifferent.

As a consequence, poor health, anxiety, self-blame. A man sawing himself for what he always sits at home and does not develop (at best), plus a nagging himself for his inability to communicate and make a positive impression.

Let's see, what does it own?

the Inability to entertain themselves.

Finding no people should not cause panic. Realize you can devote your time to a very interesting case, important to start doing something, and maybe this will entice you. You become interesting to others, if you are not interested yourself? You need to develop yourself without looking at others and not expecting their support. Think about what you could do in order not to suffer, being without people?

Waiting for actions from others.

This is a classic. Wait, when with us speak. Wait, when will offer a topic of conversation. Wait, when will call for an interesting event, and so on. Offended on all around, for not showing interest. But you can change everything! Create a fun event for yourself, suggest a topic yourself. Develop that YOU might be interested in the interlocutor. Explore news, attend an interesting event alone! Read, watch movies. Do not have to be in the company to enjoy the culture, but in the process you will be able to find friends.

the perception of the people around you as surface.

you Know what the talk about high? In the case loneliness is a nagging and deep reasoning about how everything is pointless and painful. When in life there is nothing in addition to thinking about your pain, and talk more about nothing. Here is the same as in the first case. You need to take time for interesting things, instead of thinking about his misfortune, then other topics of conversation will appear.

Psyche likes action. Go for it! Anyone can become an interesting conversationalist, everyone can find like-minded people, important to develop and search for interesting around.

Hoffmann Maria
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