All our trainings are related to efficiency, begin with a discussion of what constitutes effectiveness?

Let's think about this. So, what is efficiency? Who is he an effective man? What is an effective relationship?

What is effective business? The one that makes a lot of money? Many think so.

That is a evaluate the effectiveness of something. There is a result – effective. So there are effective managers, effective executives.

the word "effect" as a consequence of something, a consequence, the result of my actions, I reach the goals or not. That is, from this point of view, an effective man is a terminator, who goes to his goal and nothing will stop him, even when he poltulovischa left, he's still crawling towards their goal.

From our point of view, it is not effective. He's productive, but not efficient. We often confuse efficiency and productivity. Very often we set great goals, achieve them and then feel empty inside. As they say gunners, not that it does not spoil the aim, how to hit.

This is because each person has a certain balance, the ratio of happiness and unhappiness, positive and negative emotions. And this balance does not change during life, or rather he doesn't change from the outside. We travel on an old Soviet car, we have a balance of happiness and unhappiness. After some time we are doing well, we buy an expensive foreign car, and this balance shifted dramatically in the direction of happiness. Happiness overwhelms us... the First few weeks, then it becomes in the order of things, balance is restored. After a while things are going bad, we sell cars, buy cars easier, worse, and we feel the misfortune. How can you ride that???... two weeks, you get used to it, and go.

This internal balance cannot be changed from the outside, the expense of some attributes, modify only particular person in the case, if he accepts this decision and choose to change it.

You can object to me, saying: "it is better to be sad BMW, than in the Zhiguli... We do not deny the importance of material prosperity, we do love to buy nice things, we only claim that it is not associated with happiness directly. And it is also not related to effectiveness.

We examine the effectiveness of several from another point of view.

And I want to share with You the concept of efficiency, which is Stephen Covey, the greatest expert on human effectiveness, the author of the book "7 habits of highly effective people".

So, from the point of view of Stephen Covey, which we share, efficiency is the ratio of the balance of the resource.

the Result is money earned, achievements.

a Resource is anything that achieves the result. Your resource is yourself, some of your qualities, your loved ones, your investments, investments, your employees.

And if you think only about the result, then you kill their resource.

I know many people that drive themselves to work, building a crazy successful career with their personal life or mental health. I know people who on the contrary, sacrifices everything for the sake of his personal life and not achieving anything of social standards, dying in poverty.

Examples are many. They all boil down to one. People, human relationships – it is a living system and the living system it is impossible to score high if you do not care about the resource, if you do not invest, do not charge the battery. If we do not sow grain in the summer, it will not reap in the autumn.

to be a fanatic to be a maniac of his case or of some idea, sacrificing all that surrounds you, it can be very productive, but not effective.

And at our trainings we are talking more about efficiency, what it depends and how we can improve it in all respects in our life.

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