Are in the search of your therapist and already broke to itself a head?

I hear you and understand your concerns. She was with this, had several times to be wrong in search of her. After a time, it is understood that the most important thing is due to me, not the therapist, but it becomes important at once.

Knowing how difficult it is to find his (the dragon's) therapist, I'm starting a series of articles about styles and types of psychotherapists in the examples of the heroes of movies and fairy tales.

to Write will be very subjective and not according to the rules. My personal opinion. Who need a lot of theory - that in other articles.

And today we have a therapist like Mary Poppins. Applause, please!))

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Fact of life: Watching "Mary Poppins comes back," my son said, he will grow up to be Mary Poppins

this movie, she's flying a kite to have for adults former inmates and three children have lost their mother about a year ago. They are just on the brink between hope and despair - the Bank is trying to take away the house from the family. With unshakable firmness, strict and straightforward with Mary Poppins, educating adults and children, trusting their ability to get out and look for the exit, making of fun and the game as a fleeting, but very important part of life, turning their desperation into vitality and love of life. What it led to? Can see for yourself. The film is available on the Internet in large quantities.

Fact about me: I want to learn how to be Mary Poppins, to be honest. So I liked her a solid and honest position.

She verified the accuracy determines what truth is and how to tell or show the children for adults to be heard, and eventually tells the truth. She trusts gives a lot of freedom in decision-making, but very firmly indicates the tasks that need to be addressed, and the limits beyond which it is unacceptable to go out, easily breaking all doubts on the practice, on experience, allowing them to try themselves.

"And someone who likes to take risks. Imagine ka!
And waterfalls to conquer. Imagine ka!
Them from the risk of joy brings.
But step the wrong... Full speed ahead!
some people like to see into the vast horizon.
And selfless life loving her, but...
Additional like anchors, would be at the bottom, so...
it may Be worth us to understand
Sometimes need to play. Imagine ka!"

She has no doubts and does not take care of the feelings of others too, not picking on the pens, doesn't make people disabled or helpless, solving problems and drawing conclusions for them, but only in time picks up in the fall. In this case it is everything in life:

- are You sure that's safe? ask the people who see Mary Poppins placed the babies for some strange homemade design on the bike.
- No guarantees! - she said, boldly continuing.

In my opinion, this position is for parent and for the person and to the therapist is very suitable. It's about life.

However, when I heard the kids miss mom, she deftly picks up their emotions, gives binder thread guards, not allowing them to become limp and give up. In General, give as much support as they need, and not an ounce more. At the final stage of grief when it is time to come back to life, it is very important.

just look at how Mary Poppins organizes its crazy cousin topsy, which is all mixed up in the house, seven Fridays in the week and everything upside down as gives her freedom to be herself, while not conceding and claiming for themselves the right services. One can only admire her firmness, moderation, tact and infinite respect.

how cleverly she returns the responsibility to children who wandered the wrong way, trust them, teaches independence and care and gets a stunning result.

- And then what, Mary Poppins?
Sorry, does not matter to me. Because you chose this road, don't you?
- We? But we...
- Wander in the fog.
- not at All! I the fog, but... Just swing!
- Right. In talking about the traversed path have forgotten where you are going.
- Dad told me to go home. Angry that we left behind.
- What will be will be. There is nothing to change.
So we're lost?
- Depends on where you need.
- Jack!
- at your service! And you what are you sad? Sowed Schilling - found penny?
We all screwed up. Dad's angry at us. Not find the way home.
- Oh, how! Lost in the fog?
- Absolutely.
- I'm not the expert. But if you get lost, try to go light. He always displays.

the Episode "you make the lights brighter" I highly recommend to watch, even if you're not going to watch the film (YouTube, unfortunately, a not - only VC). Elevate your mood. It is not only beautifully made, but also gives a very optimistic attitude.

And Mary Poppins comes when needed and goes off when everything is established and stands firmly on its rails. So to speak, conducts psychotherapy as much as you need. And how to detect it? Quickly!

of Course, Mary Poppins is and cons. Like all other people. The perfect lady is always right, though, and doesn't know much beforehand, so stubborn lovers to defend their point of view at any cost is hardly suitable.

Approach Mary Poppins is very similar to psychotherapy in existential-humanistic organization key fields for experiments with the behavior, the freedom, the responsibility of the customer, but in the existential-humanistic approach, the position of the therapist on an equal footing, he can also disclose to the client and their feelings, experience, relations, and Mary Poppins another. I think she's still a psychoanalyst or a cognitive behavioural therapist third wave. Do not claim to truth. I'd be happy to clarify this position in the dialogue with knowledgeable people.

Very similar to Mary Poppins therapists is therapists Dumbledore


'll talk About them in the next article ;)

Other options characters to describe the style of therapy is also accepted in the comments.

in the meantime, confess, would like Mary Poppins to therapists?

Go to Mary Poppins in therapy? Yes, this is my (dragon) therapist! Read the entire list before voting I - stubborn lover to defend their point of view at any price :-P No, I'm against this approach is Your option

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