Today I'd like to talk a bit about shame. It is very difficult to start this topic, it is very hard to start to talk about shame, but as hard some things are generally called by their names because we have a very strong stigmatisierung society. Not able to cope with shame, not to speak simply, not to take shame, as it is try max to ignore it, to avoid this feeling is not live that feeling. because of this, there is a lot of so-called intrapersonal conflicts, of course they can be interpersonal even. I won't say no though I must still say, see even when I write, even when I'm talking about the shame I somehow embarrassed beginning to get a sense of shame. As much as I wanted to write something to be ashamed of words like 'member' 'vagina' or 'impotence' or 'infertility', and it's embarrassing to admit. It's a terrible word, by and large, they're really scary. So to speak I do on myself some effort, because probably do not know how to react to a society that does not know how to react to you readers for such so-called the terrible words. And it will again be talking about shame, if that's already on the second minute you all are still reading, perhaps your resistance to shame as far as to what extent high, I don't know how much you enough. 
If I continue to talk about the shame of course immediately raises the question of how to escape from this sense of shame? Immediately the question arises, it is necessary to start something to do to not live this. And you will not want to think about some shameful things. What about the fact that "when there…" for example, conventionally, when there somewhere in the campaign, something said and I'm wildly embarrassed about this, and I still remember chasing thoughts in my head. Or I once promised something to do and keep doing, I don't know about girls something to say, well, such a shame to remember a situation when there torn tights and you do not know will not immediately see, or strap on the bras came off and boob is out.

Or the most embarrassing thing for women probably still have to face the shame such as your own infertility, or the shame of some rigidity, frigidity, well, that is the inability to be sensitive tactile. And for men a terrible thing to admit? Member did not get up or if there is already impotence what is up with this? You need to take care of there own health, or even just have it in my head to admit, I'm not talking about such social things. I guess it's not such a shameful thing as to admit that my son is a drug addict or my alcoholic mother she needs help, or my father diagonosed schizophrenia, I think it's much more difficult to recognize. Or when we watch some Comedy and the main character is doing well, some utter terrible thing and we begin to worry about him, and for him to be ashamed of. 
All this is happening because we are not able, do not know, do not know how to face our inner shame, as we ourselves treat your shame, that is why in the process when I say some terrible words or you are watching some sort of film where the main character "fart loudly in the silence at a funeral" you start to be ashamed of. 
This is all because there is no internal resistance to shame, no experience, skills to live, how to chew. To experience it, accept it, make some kind of a shame, for example, their inability, inadequacy, inexperience, its limitations, its imperfection. Insofar as we still live in a narcissistic society where we are trained. You have to be an astronaut, and you're a ballerina, I'm so very old-fashioned words to say. Yes, but if you all of a sudden, these successes are not achieved in time, all of you, some not so, wrong and now what to do? - to be ashamed of. And this, in a sense, the root of the problem, that even I now direct direct example from my text, I think that's what I wrote about shame, how did it get to the cashier in the topic you got it/liked it? how it is hard for me to be ashamed of and their shame to meet, telling, reciting you this. 

How hard to take my shame? and maybe even someone will fall, and maybe even some of you will feel the shame and feel as her cheeks blush. Don't know probably not I blush when I write this and not even feel it, but if I had to admit that shame, if, nevertheless, recognize and accept the fact that, well, in General I have some limitations, in General I'm far from perfect or far from perfect. In General, that I have, there is asymmetry in the breast, about women, there are some where the strabismus for example, there are problems with erectile dysfunction about men, but when there is a member there or can't get it up during sex, is falling, or when there is no possibility well, something to do with this guys face and start to worry. 
And the fact that in the first place, can help is the recognition that shame, humility with this fact, speaking of these things, Yes it is, Yes it's reality, and what's next, so what? But that does not mean that I now suddenly ceased to be a good person or some kind of specialist if I don't know how something can't, something I don't. Well not really perfect and really, the content on this material I direct you to my example now shows that he could not enter, it is you can be professionals or worked in the area of shame and there's no face and in General, that you somehow boring and you may have even closed the text. And for those who are really interested in, so I fully recognize what I'm doing now, it can be both interesting and not interesting, and I'm not ashamed, and I already breathe more quietly, and my voice is more evenly balanced when I speak what you write(if you watch my video on this subject you will understand what I mean). 
And really, the shame is gone because it is worth it to let go, to leave, or he is very strongly constrained, it is not allow to develop, to live, what to do, how to breathe. 
this is probably something simple. All I can tell you about your shame, for a start it would be nice if you, yourself, within yourself would be capable, possible, willing to meet with this shame. For myself, just to admit, to speak of these things, and then if you have the resources and ability, there is a willingness to talk about your limits with others about their shameful things other people do not know those who are ready to meet with your shame. Can be friends family or loved ones, and if they do not, well, that of course I have, you can come to me on a personal and private consultation, the psychoanalysis your own individual, and you can work through your shame. 
fortunately or unfortunately, I know about shame a lot, and I spent many years with shame and I have in General with shame is simple and easy, I have a problem with him not. 
Author (s) Alexey Hidoyatov 

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