What is stress


Stress - as many in this word for our heart merged how much it responded.

to talk about the stress you need to go to the source of occurrence of the term. Introduced the term stress to refer to the General adaptation of stress Selye. Prior to that, the term stress was used to determine the neuro-mental stress, that is the main and only cause of stress was emotional stress.

Hans Selye in his work emphasized that "There is a stereotypical physical model of the response to stress irrespective of its cause." Thus, we can distinguish several definitions of stress, covering a more complete picture.

stress is a state of mental tension that arises in the operation process, typically, in extreme or difficult conditions.

Stress is a condition in which a person finds himself in conditions that hinder its actualization.

stress is a state that accompanies the transition from one equilibrium state to another (eg. health – illness – health).

Stress is considered as a set of nonspecific adaptive reactions of the organism to influence of various adverse factors–stress-stimuli. There is a violation of homeostasis, as well as the corresponding state of the nervous system of the body.

however, based on the nature of the stressors, there are two main types of stress: physical (physiological, pervosignalnyh) and emotional (vtorosignalnyh). Physiological stress usually is associated with objective change in the conditions of human life. It is important to note that a stimulus can become a stressor as a result of his cognitive interpretations, i.e. meanings that a person ascribes to the stimulus.

That is, stress is not what happened, and how the person perceives the incident. And therein lies one of the pitfalls in working with stress - usually the stress is perceived as the cause and the work conducted with the manifestations of stress, that is, with the symptoms, not the cause initially appeared. During therapy it is important to find out what was the starting point for the formation of a stressful situation and work it up.

When analyzing the situation it is important to analyze the stress stimuli, see more here https://www.b17.ru/article/116561

Ekaterina Nechaeva
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