What is substitute perception? The cornerstone of the constellation.


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I get lots of questions on what is the residual perception of why an outsider can feel another complete stranger, how can this be explained from the point of view of science?

Indeed, this phenomenon seems to be a miracle. Sometimes the Deputy repeats the gestures, movements, tone of voice, and even says verbatim words of the person he replaces.

There is an opinion that at the level of neurophysiology participate in this process and mirror neurons. These are cells of the nervous of the brain that are excited when a person commits a certain action and also excited when observed as the same action can make other. It is believed that these cells are responsible for empathy, for when one person yawns near the beginning to yawn and the surrounding. However, there is also the claim that mirror neurons are working when a person sees something, then he "tries" it. One cannot argue that only the mirror neurons take part in the residual perception. However, if the Deputy sees the client expresses any emotion is in a particular state, he also begins to feel it. In other words, symptoms can be explained by mirror neurons, and no internal.

Sometimes the residual perception is called the technique of conscious transfer. In ordinary therapy for a long time establishes a therapeutic relationship in which the client begins to transfer feelings to a therapist. So, in psychoanalysis the therapist becomes the Deputy Mother of a client, it is the therapist transfers feelings to the mother.

in everyday life the phenomenon occurs quite often and is not disputed by traditional psychological schools. This so-called phenomenon of triangulation, parentification, etc. One example, when a person is a mom for mom: then at the level of consciousness is like a dialogue between man and mother, but if you turn on the recorder, record the dialogue, to remove the names and titles, will be diametrically opposite, i.e. mother and child swapped. And really, if you remove consciousness, at the level of feelings and emotions will be a change or substitution roles when the mother becomes child and child becomes mother to mother. I must say that this was the worst case.

There is also the view that the residual perception is closely connected with the concepts of age and biographical regression, when the brain goes to the children's condition, he reduces the critical perception of and included so-called play identification. If you look at the children as they play, we can see that they use the residual perception (feature identification) fall actively: first, play the role of a fluffy Bunny and gray wolf, playing the scenario of the victim and the aggressor, and then they suddenly there is the third reconciling force, and the conflict resolves itself. Children in these games are much wiser than adults. What so critical of Hellinger - his new "spiritual" arrangement, where there is a spontaneous movement "of the soul", where free movement is committed to balancing without the participation of the juggling system is a good solution, is virtually identical to the adults that children in kindergarten do daily.

And you saw the children playing in the sandbox? There is even a whole branch of psychotherapy sand. Each figure in the sandbox, replaces the important figures in a child's life. In the process of playing in the sandbox resolved internal conflicts are very visible all projections. In children work much easier. Although with older projective techniques work perfectly.

Becoming a Deputy in the balance, you must disable the mind as the controller, because in children it is much less than that of an adult. Then emotions and feelings become more vivid, they are more felt on the physical level. These emotions are harder to control. That's why Vice is so bright they can show the client very often they know.

I Must say that if you can't control some emotions, it is likely that they are not yours, and you perceive them as a substitute, how the child is sometimes hard to resist. With these conditions the method of system constellation works very well.

To my children out of the state of the game that usually do adults, especially in school? Right, call the call. He dramatically switches children's attention from the game to something else. And here, children already sit at a Desk and learn. To pull off the role after placement, is sufficient to switch, to jump, to Pat myself on the body, to buck up, remind yourself who you are, what your name is, how old you are, etc.

as a student of social psychology and crowd behavior and you will also find elements of what is called the residual perception. For example, in a crowd of blurred personal boundaries and all the elements of crowd synchronously feel the same and only one leader, changing its state can change the state and mood of the crowd.

the Combination of the above phenomena, which are quite scientifically explainable, which allow in arrangement to pull on a conscious level what is hidden and what prevents to achieve the desired goal and can be called a substitute perception.

It is called a phenomenon. And this phenomenon is used in the method of systemic constellations allows in a short time greatly improve the quality of life.

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