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a Little preamble:
Today on YouTube I came across a video overview of the upcoming premiere of the film "the lion King". And not just any review, but the author of this movie that the film is just Packed with satanic, and the cub Simba is dedicate to the coming Kingdom of the Antichrist.
Reacted to this very skeptical. Because it can be any topic to "pull the ears"...

However, this absurd interpretation is harmless (in fact - a remake of the eponymous cartoon) got me thinking... what kind of information for children and adolescents are modern cartoon(movies)? What do they teach?
Remember those (cartoon)films, which grew itself... the Soviet kind, who taught honesty, courage, friendship and mutual assistance. It's now got under the hand "well, pogodi!", where the poor wolf is also accused of promoting Smoking, and violation of public order. Almost of pedophilia... And in our time, no one thought. Nor was such influence on the children below, looking at the wolf, some of the children realized the rope to the balcony to climb, or to smoke a half a pack of cigarettes at once (and even smoke)...

Also the cinema. The same old stories... also carried the promise of good and positive. A weekly show with the same "aunt Valya" literally emptied the streets - so all the children rushed to the screens.

Then, again, going outside, played and played the roles of fairy-tale or just the cinematic scenes. As I remember, nobody wanted to be the villains, and was very offended if someone "appointed" bad.

And then came the years of perestroika and in the country rushed Walt Disney and his ilk.

And, too, for some reason, the kids literally "sticky" screens. Although those cartoons especially anything good is not taught. And the quality was questionable, though colorful. Only the voices of the cartoon characters are worth!
Recently accidentally caught a series about "Chip and Dale" - I had about three minutes =))

of Course, there were wonderful works. Mostly full-length cartoons - the already mentioned "the lion King," "101 Dalmatians", etc. and it was beautiful and really "cling" for a long time. In difference from the same "Chip and Dale", "Ghostbusters", etc.

remember how the first "VCR" - on the block, and we all crowd ran to watch "Tom and Jerry".
We then still quite small, happy, Jerry clever, and what a klutz That. the
And even as adults, realize that in fact Tom is a poor guy and the sufferer, and Jerry's not clever, but a natural "radish"!
by the Way, this is also the conclusion at the time, did a bit of tinkering in the once popular game "Shat neighbor" (Neighbours from hell). It's cool at first and fun. And if you put yourself in the place of someone this nasty asshole bastard, it's all very sad. Quickly realizing that I would like that to not like, have you stopped playing =))

the same applies to movies. After the Soviet Union collapsed very quickly we got all sorts of fighters and low-quality paintings, mostly American, which, in fact, too anything is not particularly taught. By the way, high-quality children's films of those years I can not remember specifically. The famous "home Alone"?! Hmm... see above comment about Jerry! br>
Perhaps, what is most remembered is the trilogy of "Free Willy!". And then... the individual persons that no lesson has not brought. Greed it is, Yes.

In fact (and it is), all this Western "husks" were not taught anyone in anything. So, if you compare with our Soviet cinema and cartoons - just earth and sky.

in Fact... name one Hollywood "masterpiece" which would be instantly dismantled for quotes and catchphrases, as was the case with the cinema of Soviet times... and that (the phrase) still would be the go. There are no such! And that's saying something!..

Quoted and cited not only movies, but cartoons. Is this not an indication that something was there?!

as for modern (cartoon)movies... again depends on what. There is a blatant "fu!", and there is in General nothing. Of course, not "5" but too. Anyway, some things were made focusing on a no training. For example, "Smeshariki", with all the "hysteria" of individual heroes, but they're still something Yes teach...

About products the last couple of years I can say little. Not really got around to see...
I Know exactly what I am I will not watch the sequels/remakes of Soviet masterpieces. Even if there are those who will experience the delight of watching, I don't want to spoil the atmosphere that was created and lived a lot of years.

anyway, I think that now the little things that quality can somehow be put next to (cartoon)films of the Soviet years.
There is in them the Central message of... no "flavor"... there's nothing today's children could make and carry on through life!



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