What is the age? For some, an excuse for someone restriction, for whom a stereotype. How often do you get to hear About! You're too old for this! Funny about something already dream of. or are You too young for his purpose. Forget about it! br>
Age is not the main indicator of success! br>
do Not worry if someone said that your time has passed. Exactly how not to wait another 10 years to achieve the desired age. Life now - that's the most valuable thing you have! What is important is not HOW many years you live, it is important HOW to live! br>
time to do That during this time, what to learn, what state will get. What lofty goals will reach! How many people around you to help and inspire you to achievements! br>
Look around - how many of you very young people or people in old age who have achieved what they want?! Whose eyes are sparkling, who live to the full rejoicing and receiving the drive of your life! Despite the ridicule and condemnation of others. They are happy! They are inspired! They appreciate the time and truly Live.

And how many people who are in the Prime of life, it would seem they have everything to success, but they had made little progress and do not want nothing from life. Work from 9 to 6 and complain about the fate and circumstances.

And what do You choose?!! br>
I'm absolutely sure! Success is not age... it's your internal motivation strategy for the future and concrete actions in the present! br>
have a wonderful and let all conceived will come true!!! Dream! br>

sincerely, Alena Pivina, personal development coach

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