I often mention the word "transformation" in relation to therapy, but I don't think I revealed its meaning. Now I want to clarify that I include in this term.

the dictionary of synonyms can check the following values words:

Transformation — transform, transformation, display, modification, modification, revision, revolution, change, rebirth, metamorphosis, transformation, alteration, revision, etc.

there are many Values, the meaning is intuitive, but much more important is the feeling inside from the ongoing transformation.

Transformation occurs on the level of feelings and felt in the body. In this respect, feelings and bodily sensations - loyal aides in the treatment, they tell you where to go and what to explore.

I love to work with feelings, sensations, images, bodily manifestations - as they lead directly to the cause, to the source with whom to work.

Logic, intellect and analysis is performed in a supporting role, with the aim of linking the feelings, sensations and bodily symptoms as a chaotic tangle in a serial chain, which we are able to see the progress.

the Transformation in this case is the transformation of negative feelings (past, no longer functional) in the positive, as well as the restructuring of the uncomfortable bodily sensations in a pleasant and harmonious.

Surprisingly, transformation is nothing new in sensual and bodily sphere is not necessary - everything needed is already inside, you only need to complete the already started processes.

I Suggest You to check for yourself the connection between the emotions and bodily sensations.

Sit back, in comfort, so nothing to distract You.

Try to feel your emotional state now. What is it - fear, anger, sadness, joy, interest, or something else?

How do You feel about that experience this condition? Let the body spontaneously give a clue, and Your task is simply to pay attention to this feeling, it may be subtle.

what does it feel like in your body? What image arises in connection with this feeling? What color? It's something big or small? Cold or warm? Smooth or rough? Try to see your unique inner image.

it Turned out? Write about your experience in the comments :)

And very interesting - how do You see the transformation? You know the feeling when a headache in the result of the transformation of pleasure spread warmly all over the head or even all over the body? Or write about your amazing experience.

Share your observations :)

Vadim Germanenko
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