the Will is what motivates a person to live. She is the driving force that guides our thoughts and actions to achieve important goals for making vital decisions.

But sometimes, many people feel that this proactive energy is just not enough. "I feel powerless", "I Have nothing", "Here it's all good, and my life full...... (and raced and went)". Too often in life we hear those words. Someone believes that to cope with difficult life challenges, it is not given, someone is afraid to make decisions and move on. And here revealed the fact that and blocks our will:

  1. Fear. Yes, it is a natural emotion and arises whenever there is a threat of life. But as a rule, these fears become irrational, and the threat is imaginary. And here's the man sitting this fear to step up and go beyond, as it seems, of their capabilities. And here, fear is hiding the second irrationality: he unconsciously raises hell with the limits. And he really knows where his limits? As a rule, the imaginary boundary is only an imaginary border and no one knows exactly what he can be capable of! Such boundaries block the will. Well, go ahead.
  2. Fatigue. Many of us deliberately block the will and narrows the limit of their capabilities, citing fatigue. Yes, tiredness is the scourge of our time, it deprives of strength and incapacitate. But if a person all the time, constantly feel tired, then immediately the question arises: why? What hides behind fatigue? Maybe unresolved anger, conflict, a sense of inner distress? It is rasstraivaj important internal resources. Perhaps, many incorrectly calculated your hand, spend your life than creation, but rather, against oneself, our inner self. Many people think that fatigue will be defeated this way, but fruitless internal battle makes the situation worse. You see, what positive fruit will bring the appeal to himself: "serves you right. Still on what is not capable!". The result of this battle is a serious offense that apply to yourself. So, what good can such an accusation to give you? All this creates a huge pile of problems in the form of intrapersonal conflict, inability to feel strong and confident, inability to be flexible and reasonable in difficult situations.

See how much is hidden behind the feeling of powerlessness and lack of vital resources? And why are so many difficult changes? Let's see what you get from that? Every person, maybe even unconsciously, has benefited from the way he behaves and lives. You feel bad, you are sick? Experiencing low mood, not strong enough: what is positive benefit in this for you? What do you get when you are in that state? Maybe you just want to be closer to relatives? So there is less conflict? Get rid of the conversation with a bad boss? Feel loved and loving, or to avoid what you don't really want to do?

All of these things are important and worthy of respect. That's just the way to achieve not the positive in life. Analyze yourself carefully. Trust your "I" and do not kill him, but rather listen. Direct the will in order to make friends first and foremost with yourself. And then you will discover life from the other side and will be more firmly stand on his feet. Friendship with him without destroying themselves, increase their budgets and limit your capabilities will increase threefold, and with it the will and the strength, is able to solve long-standing problems.

again, many will say: "Yes, impossible!". And come up with arguments in favor of impossibility. It says fear is the familiar old fear. And again consider what is behind YOUR fear. And again little by little move on to itself, and following this, and to the world.

And last! Many say that to make friends with them – it means to go on about their own "I" and in the end it is a direct way of becoming selfish. Okay, so who's selfish? What is behind it? The same inner conflict, fear of loss of self, faith in people because of experiences.

Analyze the true causes of what is happening with you and use their knowledge for the good. Remember, our lives are cyclical. This is normal, and the distribution of internal resources – that's okay too!

On the Ground, the four seasons. Spring is the time of the birth; summer – time activity and growth; autumn is the time of harvest and summarizing and winter is a time of rest and relaxation.

and in the important balance, which is dictated by nature!

> > > Hope
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