What is your Inner Woman?


What is your Inner Woman?
Yesterday, I described the practice of meeting with his Inner Woman. You can read it here Today I will describe how to apply the information.

What came to you your Inner Woman that you are. Right now. Even if you think that it is not. Your subconscious mind "gave" you an image of what you really are.

If it is delicate, beautiful, soft, these qualities are inherent in you. And you do not need to do in order to develop these qualities. You need to stop yourself to build, to criticize and control. You have to work with the "Inner critic" and the adoption of its bright and shadow qualities.

If you saw my ENG not very pleasant for you. It seems that right now she needs your steady attention. Maybe she needs to rest. And the sooner the better. See if you are not too overworked "Mother Teresa"? The service is good. But everything is good in moderation. If she stereopathy sick, looks bad, then apply the sos signal! She needs to be sure that you recognize it, took, saw, met and became friends with her.

If your ENG came to you in the form of "Amazon", it means that ... your Man is very weak. You may not know how to ask. And if you ask, your requests like order. How to help her? You should start with the "seeding" of your inner men. Learn to see men good. Take them. Admit to yourself that they are necessary and important. Strongly emphasize the important role of men in your life. Refuse pride, it will whisper you the opposite.

If you are unable to see your ENG... urgently to the psychologist) In fact you have a weak contact with itself and it is an occasion to address to the expert.

And, you can ask your "inner woman" questions, those that you care about. For example: "How do I become more feminine?", "How to get soft?", "How to attract the attention of men?", "How to become self-sufficient?", etc.
Cover your eyes, "call", his "inner woman" and ask her to answer your question. Be sure to thank her for her answer.
And ... do it!

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