One day, I heard this phrase from a wise man: Who thought about your soul – can never die. These words made me a inspiring effect.

Many of us thought: What is the soul? Whether it? Why do we live? And other existential questions. Beginning to think about it kids, as they learn about the world, their feelings, children looking for their opinions and thoughts, that will help them to be themselves.

Man, knowing the world, knows that is himself and who he is. Here the questions begin: do I have a soul? And what is it? How does it manifest itself? People are thinking and to know his soul, the first ideas about the soul are idealistic (This is something light, good, beautiful), and later, a person is faced with pressing problems with their emotions, feelings and can tell that the soul may not be as easy as it seems.

When we love a person's soul, what do we expect by that? We're guessing his thoughts, feelings, experience, energy, emotions, desires. If you remove all of it, will remain a soul? Everyone has their own answer.

Further, I suggest you think about your soul, if you believe in its existence :)

Close your eyes. Focus your thoughts within yourself. Think about what your soul is and how it looks. Maybe it's some object, element, the inner man or something. Speculate, what are the properties of soul: what you in it surprises? What do you like? How can you interpret what you have seen? It is possible that you will discover what you have been looking for.

Many thoughts visited me as a child about the world and its wonders. I understand that there are people who make you feel completely different. Some cause confusion, one full of energy, the other filled with masculinity or femininity. And always wanted to be a person who sparkles with energy (people agile). I didn't understand what was going wrong, how to achieve it. And suddenly, I thought, if I can't be a noid, who am I? What am I? And then I thought about what my soul is. Imagining it, I was surprised. For myself, I realized my soul – space. It's not the battery, which gives energy. Space is cold, it's a vacuum, but at the same time, it is filled with all. It contains planets, worlds, stars. It is so important, as I realized a resource.

This simple exercise can give a huge resource for making and self-understanding, to identify the sources of their energy.

This is only a thought, but maybe they will help someone find themselves and to find the source of his powers.

And what is your soul? What she looks like? That carries? As she gives you life energy?

Rykowska Catherine
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