recently in the news slip in notes about the differences between the inhabitants of the metropolis of the province. In particular, flash unflattering photos of the tawdry people with ridiculous makeup in the style of the 1980s.

what is it? And who needs it?

the attitude to the provincials a few arrogant and snobbish.

bad Taste is the problem of social consciousness, which is governed by the media and various installations. Popular psychology, unrelated to science, to fundamental psychological concepts, has a number of serious distortions, including excessive sense of freedom and positive thinking.

And to say that the presence or absence of aesthetic taste due solely to the provincial or Metropolitan component, at least, tactless. br>

Some trends to the contrary (just look at some celebrities to see this).

the Search and formation of his style -a process available to each of us, regardless of our location.

Working for many years in the field of education and culture, communicating with professionals from major cities and research centers, I draw attention to the similarities in the image of intellectuals.

In particular, workers of museums or cultural institutions with a strong academic focus of their work is highly recognized both in the Metropolitan and provincial environment.

light makeup or no, clothes are mainly pastel or dark tones, the presence of fine jewelry, often silver or wood. Often expressed noble, intellectual, personality and finesse.

From experience it is possible to note the following trends. Among my clients many Muscovites. And the amazing thing is that I never re notice of aplomb or the hard ambition in relation to the province.

a Few months ago I worked with a girl from Moscow, who took leave and came for consultation with me. This gust was associated with a desire not only to change the situation, but, she said, to enjoy the life of a small town and its coloring.

However, the girl was surprised Astrakhan a lot more than she had imagined, and even fussy. But of course walking in the evenings in the city centre, prestigious provincial space, a tour of the small but atmospheric museums (especially the Museum of Velimir Khlebnikov!) had a powerful therapeutic effect.

Offensive remarks about the superiority of cities does not represent either scientific or practical value. But they point out the virus of bad taste that spread in our society. "All is not gold that glitters", - remember the famous saying.

more Important than culture and good-looking thinking, formed as a result of understanding and feeling the surrounding cultural space. In this perspective, it is easier to withdraw from conflict confrontation and to see a part of my cultural and mental field.

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