each of us there are times when we can relax a bit. It may be the weekend, and maybe half an hour lunch break, couple of hours at home before bed, maybe a vacation.

if we Reflect, what is this rest? Active, relaxing, extreme or otherwise? What do the rest for me? It lay on the bed and nothing to think, listen to music, watch TV shows, luxuriate in a bath, exercise, or talk about your hobby? And, maybe, meeting with friends, camping, sex, traveling to another city, etc.? I do know how to relax?

To make it somehow easier to talk about such a broad topic, you can look at the rest in two options (you may find yourself some other: third, fourth and fifth). Let this be a holiday in which we feel boredom, meaninglessness, and quality rest. Moreover, it seems important to say that does not mean that the first rest is about “to lie”, and the second about the asset and usefulness. Not at all. I would like to suggest to look at these options from the perspective of “what I experience as a quality, and that - as a meaningless holiday”, “what rest, I rest for real for themselves.” And generally abandon the idea of good and bad holiday in General. You can try to ask specifically: “What to me is a good rest?”

it so Happens that there comes a weekend or we have a couple of free minutes, hours. For example, we spent the time watching some more TV. And like stayed at home, did not seem to have worked, but somehow there is a sense of meaninglessness, boredom, or fatigue. Here we catch ourselves thinking: “something I don't feel rested.” This is a paradox. Why we are physically resting, can still feel tired?

This can happen not only with the series, but going to the cinema, outing with friends etc. Try to ask yourself the question: “What is important is not today in my holiday, these hours or days that I still feel tired?” Maybe I'm not asked(a) yourself, you want me to watch the show / go for a walk with friends or not. What would need to fatigue was less? Perhaps I needed to lie otherwise, perhaps some other people, people, book, place, time. What I want is fatigue? Maybe fatigue want, or maybe you want inspiration, relaxation, activity or tranquility.

So, we can help ourselves to understand that we have a quality of rest of care towards their desires, joys, and sorrows too! You can even bring close to help you identify your expectations. Those who are able to support you in this holiday, those who will be able to spend it with you or leave you alone if you need it. This, incidentally, may not be the only people. And his ideas can support pet which will close and give an example of a “lie”. It can be the hero of the book or the movie, the rest of which inspires you is an example. You can revise, re-read it and try it yourself.

Now before you read this article, for you it's a holiday or something else? If what is written here and invited? What you want, when you finish reading this article?

Victoria Parhaeva
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