What is "wealth"? Who can be considered "rich" person?

  • And most importantly — how to get rich, how exactly to become a rich man?

There are several different approaches-methods of determining who can be called rich.

In the materials I prefer to use another term — "financial wealthy man."

In my opinion, it adds specificity and measurability extremely blurry concept of "wealth".

the Confusion has been the fact that there are different sources of "origin" of wealth.

Is the "Golden youth", driving through the streets on the "Gelandewagen" (a gift from my parents). Eat the rich-corrupt (impersonates Colonel Zakharchenko with his inexplicable billions). There are rich heirs of the famous dynasties and monarchs. There are entrepreneurs who have earned big money in your business. There are top managers of large corporations who receive part of the profit for the year. There are investors, skillfully increasing your money to an impressive size of capital (like Warren Buffett).

our culture tends to define rich by their appearance.

Rich, who shows a scornful and serialno attitude to money. Expensive clothes, a large country house, servants, a senseless waste of money (peers-sprees in restaurants with Gypsies and bears)...

So who is this "rich man"?

  1. One who spends money and never to spend it all?
  2. He who has no debts?
  3. someone who has a million dollars?

I said nothing that in their materials use the term "financial wealthy man".

It is people with capital (financial condition), the proceeds of which allow him to lead a normal lifestyle. While he has no need to work for money (in order to feed-to provide for his family).

that is why, instead of racing for big salaries and large square footage of the apartment, I recommend my clients seek to build their capital.

  • the Job (and salary) today is, and tomorrow it may not be (for various reasons).

Your capital with proper they always will stay with You and will give You a regular income (regardless of the economic situation in the country and in the world).


  1. the Rich man is the man who removed the dependence on one source of income.
  2. Financial wealthy man owns the capital (assets, investments, monetary amounts).
  3. I Recommend to read my other article "Why poor people rarely become rich"


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Stuart McPhee
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