What it means to be "Inconvenient?".


There are two kinds of people in this life), "comfortable" and "uncomfortable". Some neurotics, live and suffer, while others live as they want and enjoy.

now, the people in the first category, most are "comfortable".

This means that they are in their lives, afraid to be problematic for other people to be afraid to be uncomfortable, unwanted, rejected, afraid someone to disturb, to bother, to ask someone or say no, not to please or be bad for someone. In General, I can this list continue, but you get the idea). I this category of people is called "martyrs".

They live among us quietly ropcha on his "karma" of the Victim. Live in constant tension and trying to control everything, "what if something happens." A prototype of Chekhov's "Man in a case". Constantly adapt to the expectations and requirements of other people, as if forbidding myself to live my own life. Therefore, they often formed a neurotic Constitution and related psychological problems.

now, let's look at another category of people who live by the rules, respecting the law and the boundaries of others. These people can be of different temperaments, personalities, organizations of the personality, but in General they have in common is that they do not allow themselves to suffer.

They are not afraid to be uncomfortable, troubled, to tell someone a firm no when the situation requires it, are not afraid of condemnation, assessment, their inconvenience for others . They are not afraid to be a victim prefer not to be offended and not inundate yourself with guilt.

These people are unconcerned about the fact that someone may not like or that someone at them "funny" is watching and judging.

Live your life by and large and its rules, focusing on their internal needs and goals, respecting the boundaries of others and interests, giving other people the opportunity to live as they want. And which category do you belong?

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