on the topic of men and women, who is who and what needs and what to expect, noticed a certain pattern. If we consider separately each, you can be sure that he pays for his partner and the relationship all that can, sometimes without a trace, to prostrate condition. Everyone must have faced such a situation when it seems to have done everything that depends on you, but in response to silence. And from that, male or female, does not matter, although each situation individually, of course. How many grievances and complaints people have against their second half. And it is absolutely true claims. It seems to me that logically, when a person gives you something or another contribute to the common cause, it is normal to expect back the same reaction. How much is enough partner who invests in a one-sided relationship? Of course, Zen can speak as often and colleagues say, we should give not expecting otherwise is it love? For me it is not fair, at least, since before you speak, ask yourself, do you know how to give without expectations? Personally, I am giving and it is absolutely not awaiting anything in return, the people are not met.
What, then, both are laid out, as a result of mutual claims? The meaning of such stress and costs why do we need such relationships?
As I see it, the problem lies in the isolation of the men and women of the world from each other. The area of the intersection is extremely small, each is in its own coordinate system and the worlds only touch, and sometimes do not touch each other. Externally looks like one for the other, almost life was devoted, and in fact meets my personal needs care and love, absolutely do not understand another world, the needs of a partner, his desires and dreams. Hence the resentment, because what is given to the partner is not so necessary, but he accepts it out of habit, so routine or is it better to accept than to explain why you don't need it. A lot of aggression and mutual depreciation happens in the relationship, which leads to indifference, the denial of desires not only his, but also a partner. Hands down, people do not see joy and pleasure from a relationship, but only some frustration and pain.
to bring together the worlds, first and foremost, you need to stand face to face, look into your partner's eyes, turn to what he really wants, not what you think he needs.
How to do it? 26-27 may in Ekaterinburg I and Ilona Romanova will hold a training "Guide for women in the male world." Only women are invited, this event is just for you. You will be able to see not only the world of men from different sides, but also personally to experience it, to explore this world from the inside. You will find, on the one hand, unusual, fascinating journey, and on the other hand, the insights,revelations and maybe the disclosure of its own, the women's world.
We guarantee that nobody will remain indifferent, the training will affect all aspects of your personality.

Weissman Sergey
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