What our children will grow up? Parenting the modern child


You will notice that the course of life all of time is speeding up, changes are occurring with incredible speed? And this is not my personal opinion on my personal life. If you look at the past century, you wonder what all's happened  for over 100 years! Before time flew thick, like quicksand, one century followed another, and the Outlook, overall, virtually unchanged. But our grandparents - how much they had to experience how to carry through yourself and make a new - completely different eras, the norms of culture, behaviour, concepts of honesty, integrity, good and evil. My hair stir when I read about the Stalin period in our country, about the concentration camps during the second world.. is this possible, do people lived?..

But slipping back to his thoughts on his favorite theme - the raising of children. For centuries, from ancient times to more recent time the child is hardly felt. I'm not talking about the person. Because children were of minor value to human culture. Childhood is perceived as a forced but necessary period “idle” when no use, neither for the economy nor for the country as a whole. The family at different times doing different, but it is far from the world of children Affairs. It was a different time, value, and requirements were different. It was necessary to feed, to grow, to teach. The last hundred years mankind has engaged in that have fought, defended, get out, clinging to the invented ideals - to build a society. Where individuality is virtually  no place (of course, I mostly mean our country). But what happens now? 

Again change past ideas, the consciousness, all the concrete postulates of our parents destroyed - to be like everyone else, humble and obedient student of life. It's a new time that requires new companies. And accordingly, the new education of our children. After all, as educated most of us - those who are over thirty, is fundamentally different from modern approaches to education. The main essence of the difference: if before everything went from my mind now comes from the heart. Have never paid so much attention to the personality of the child, its needs, understanding motivations, the study of stages of development. Have never caused so much interest in the child himself, his thoughts and emotions. Totalitarian principles of education come to naught. Sometimes to extremes comes! Some parents worry, how can I forbid something to your child, or, God forbid, spank on the ass - he will get hurt, grow a handicapped person, and as we know, all comes from my childhood. My son heard from the father of his friend the following sentence: it's his life, his choice, let him decide. He really liked it! And in response to some of my requirements often resorted to this answer. But the boundaries should be. What is good and what is bad form is the parents. You don't give children complete freedom of action. They need something to push off. Let him choose, but it is in a given direction. Be allowed to take proportionate responsibility for their actions, but not to completely give the reins of their lives in the fragile and fragile arms.

Very interested in who our children will grow up? What is clear is that it will be a completely new, completely different society, I hope, happy and free people.

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