the title of the article seems ridiculous. Well, comb it a little. What percentage of people are supposed to dance the twist? Also somehow not serious, right? Let this: what percentage of people should behave the way you think they should? How much interest husbands and wives should give their passwords on their phones? How many of them should constantly report their movements, literally, to report on their movements, their conversations with other people? How many times a day people have to make and say what you think they ought to do? For example, at least eight times with feeling and expression to say that they love you, 4 to 6 times to hug, five times per day to agree with your opinion and accept your point of view? The frequency with which your loved one must cease to be your loved one and become your obedient robot? If my examples seem ridiculous to you, congratulations, you adult people, giving the right to others to be those whom you love. But if you are not funny, it sucks.

first, it turns out, you loved one, and want to live with others. Secondly, your loved one is in a situation when instead of my favorite, whom he loved, there is a guard in a concentration camp, demanding that his only prisoner went in a circle from left to right and nothing else. But if you suddenly stop, you will "Bang Bang, SNES, SNES, the Russian soldier".

the Sad leaves oil painting, isn't it?

But the saddest thing is that no one thinks about how this system fit into their expectations from a relationship. After all, everyone, getting, finding, discovering a new person, a new relationship and a new future waiting to be built strong family based on love, understanding, trust and mutual respect. Family, created for harmony, for the birth and upbringing of the best in the world crispy tots. But in the end, a sad face instead of trust - checking instead of love - reports, instead of respect - check. And then you ask me, but how can that be? As if I suspect? If I'm jealous? If I drop it I fear that this beloved man disappear? After all, I'm testing in order to find confirmation that he's cheating on me, but in order to make sure that he does!

I can't answer you part of a couple of phrases. Jealousy is too multifaceted problem, to give a couple of sentences. It involved in thick batter and your personal confidence in their future, in their usefulness, a belief that your understanding of love and relationships - the only true. And as icing on the cake, the conviction that your loved one is the enemy is plotting treachery. How can you love, to kiss, share a bed and life with those who can not trust?

Why, then, when there is a choice: to be jealous or believe, to build relationships or to destroy them, we choose to be jealous and destroy?

what we seek: a harmonious family, or indulging his jealousy?

this Complex issues. Challenging but completely solvable. Unless, of course, to recognize the others ' right to not be robots and to love as they can.

Mikhail valuyskiy
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