What prevents us to go in your vacation?


summer is Coming and  naturally there are thoughts about the rest. This is due to the fact that summer in our country is associated with  warm  and blossoming of nature. Holidays children bring us memories of the happy  childhood in summer time. Hence a conscious and unconscious desire to plunge into this warm and relaxing atmosphere.

If desired, and opportunities. this summer can be found now at any time of the year. Of course, for flights from their winter in the warm country needs money, and sometimes considerable. But still the financial ability to permit yourself rest are not in the first place.

just look at some students who are going to conquer the world, traveling lightly and with the help of hitchhiking. In the blog they point  quite a modest budget.

the Determining factor is the resolution  to relax yourself. Do not have leave may be associated with summer and warmth. Each of us it can't be templated, and your special.

What are we going to interfere in your vacation?

In the first place, you can put increased anxiety.

There are people who are worried that without their attention and control can sick relatives, whom they patronize. Or  leave customers depends on the business. What– what happens to the house, with a garden, with homemade flowers. Concern for the welfare of others is more concern about himself. And then to have a full holiday does not reach.

in this case, What can be done?

you Can reduce  giperatidnosti with jobs on leave. For example: You went while on vacation in another country and also visit the  desired seminar. Or holiday will pass the treatment to fully work.

In the second place, there can be a denial of the necessity of rest.

People who deny the rest, like squirrels in a wheel. They all time than-busy. Can't finish one thing and on the approach of the new scope of work. They even despise the rest. Considering the relaxation with laziness. In fact,  such workaholics are risking their health.

As there is day and night, and our bodies need to work and rest. Ignoring  needs for sleep, food and relaxation, can cause physical and emotional exhaustion.

If You have the word leisure is associated with laziness, try to be lazy for the business.

for Example: You have a task that needs to be addressed or have a question and need an answer. Take a break in a relaxing holiday. And if You can get a good switch, You will definitely come new ideas.

There is still fear of emptiness.

it is Sometimes scary to stop and rest from endless cases. And suddenly you will understand that all cases – it's mostly a vanity for vanity. But in reality – this work is not important and not needed. And on the question of what is valuable -- comes a feeling of emptiness. There are people who, protected from the void, work to exhaustion.

In this case, we can offer counselling. With him gently and carefully, you can look into the void and find themselves.

  hinder to go in your vacation  family and parental attitudes.

Many people feel guilty when they can afford their vacation. They are sad because their favorite grandpa and grandma and/or mom and dad never went and worked all the time. 

Sometimes it can be a feeling of betrayal to  the intergenerational scenario. For example, such: Is the leisure time when out will suffer (i.e. die).

it is Desirable in this case to talk to your family, to see and understand the illogic  and the positivity of these family mottos. To understand why this setup retarded family and what you were protecting.

Interested to know whether You have your vacation? Why is it so?

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