What's buried under the "extra" body weight?


it Easy after the stress, strife, are you falling asleep? Is it easy relax your hands, clenched in fists? What is it with jaws? Teeth until crumble?

do you know how much energy is required to keep the tension of those parts of his body, which at the time of stress cracked and not cracked?

you Know how much your "body weight" is required for retention? Maybe your weight is not excessive. He's like a lifeline for you.

For long-standing psychological trauma, the body creates a structural frame of flesh and blood to keep under control the consequences of stress. Fills the whole design with a layer of fat, and ... Hello, weight.

Psychological trauma, which, anyway, are present in our structure of the psyche.

  1. Trauma of separation. Presumably, each of us gets her in the birth process. Based on this injury, we can reject any relationship, despite the fact that most need them. Fear of abandonment, abandoned, separated from their lover pushed us into solitude (but was not cast), or to quit the most beloved (though it's easier for me, unbearable, if you leave me). Here occur the query "return the husband that I later dumped."
  2. Trauma humiliation. Presumably, it we receive when we do not meet "high standards" of the perfect child for my mom. On the basis of this injury we are afraid to ask again, when we do not understand, afraid to look stupid, afraid to voice their desires, (and suddenly, they are seditious, do not meet the expectations of parents?), I'm afraid "to fall face in the dirt," "get in the Shoe", and so on. Based on this injury, we want to be "perfect" for his partner, burying his desires and his identity is very deep. Afraid to be yourself. Where to us to the ideal... But the impression mogem.
  3. the Injury is loss of control. According to her, every event in life is perceived as a catastrophe. We headed a burning desire to return to a safe place, preferably in the past, in childhood, when the sun was shining much brighter and the trees were large.

Every trauma is imprinted in the membranes of our body. Our lives are subordinated to the construction of protection around these injuries. We choose a partner, not to be abandoned, humiliated, and in order not to lose control of the situation. And then grieve that our choice -whipped.

to Detect traces imprinted emotional experience through working with the body and with assessment judgments.

usually easier measured other people's judgments and injuries we see in other people, forgetting that they are our mirror.

the Practical work – to keep track of what trauma is hidden behind their behavior around you. To assess what trauma do you see most often. To draw conclusions the relative "scale of the disaster". Use the same tips that you would give to other people.

take Advantage of meditation, directed to "your" side (to use meditation are directed. the decision of the cause of the problem, not eliminate the symptoms in the form of extra pounds).

For those who believe in affirmations and visualization to do the same, directing their attention to the problem of excess weight.

If you have the strength and courage to look at ourselves from the point of view of his traumatic experience, and to see themselves with the eyes of other people (as you know, the log in his eye, not stopping even once), waiting on the group on Wednesdays at the Tretyakov gallery.

Different points of view on the same things just contribute to the expansion of the boundaries of your abilities.


Your side view as well do someone a service. Good or evil. It depends.

Your Irina Panina

Hypnology, Doctor of Psychology (PhD)

Together we'll find the way to your hidden opportunities!

Panina Irina
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