What's wrong with the error or how perfectionism affects motivation


What's wrong bug?
to Err is to be appreciated not just as you want, or worse, to be impaired at all, in the subtext – "you're a zero". br>
be Wrong, means to not be what it seems, of course it gives a flavor of "waiting". The expectation that you're done, you're super, you're good, you're so-so, and I don't care what you mesocenozoic and indifference, you bad, you bad, you jerk, etc.

I wrote this gradually dip down in the way children lower down "the ladder" from the first years of life, then a kindergarten, school. br>
the Child masters it the Truth, and the global significance of the assessment to provide meaning and role in life. the
Race for a good girl or boy continues. br>
On your marks, get set, go! br>
And here boys and girls, and their parents run around the stadium, winding miles of laps on a closed oval circle with a clearly defined paths. br>
someone manages to be successful, and get a standing ovation from the audience, and why would they want to leave this oasis of love and attention.
But there are those that simply have no place there, no one who believes in them that you can be, to hear cherished and long-awaited words from childhood - you're good, you will succeed! br>
there is No such other in the domestic arena of life. And looking for adults the boy and the girl outside praise and significance in achievements, careers, acquisitions outside of the sports complex. br>
And go back through the years and decades to their stadium, and the audience, alas, still do not rejoice, moreover, condemn and accuse some reason, expressing dissatisfaction. br>
the futility and illusory nature of the dream that you praise your parents instead merely repeated an old record – you could do better, what do you think you are, don't brag about it. br>
Sad, sad story about how talent may not manifest itself under the weight of tons of evaluative attitudes, words and presumed thoughts, separating from the desire to try and make great discoveries. br>

Error is the same, the love for a happy child.
When you make a mistake and still love you.
When very wrong, and you still stronger love. br>
Error – it's thunder and lightning for the poor child, not like me, because I made a mistake, and blamed me for it. I'm bad. I want love, I want approval but this is in vain. To earn your rating, you need a lot of work, and maybe we'll once in the far "away" the future you say "wow". br>

my personal opinion:
famous people don't care for the opinions of others, otherwise they would not have made a breakthrough and new discoveries that have helped all mankind: Einstein, Mendeleev, Tsiolkovsky, Vavilov, Pushkin, Dostoevsky, Vysotsky, Socrates, Confucius...

Not knowing them, I somehow know them.
Forgive me if I'm wrong)

Tkachenko Natalia
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