What takes away our energy


Many people are faced with the fact that there is a feeling of lack of energy and desire to do something in my life. Here I would like to understand the main points, taking away energy.

1)Physical condition, and somatic illness. Naturally, if you are sick, your body is not functioning at 100%, an acute or chronic disease can take an enormous amount of energy. Also the lack of in body the right amount of vitamins and minerals can also lead to fatigue.

2)life: if a man is not getting enough sleep regularly, it often leads to a lack of strength and energy. Also the lack of physical activity (e.g., elementary charge) can lead to feeling of sluggishness, lack of desire to do something. After all, our body is very wisely if no request for an increase in energy, it to work and never will.

3)stuck in the emotions: a huge amount of energy may be spent on experiencing negative emotions. Grief, anxiety, anger, resentment all in the long run can not only Deplete but also to destroy the lives and human health. For example, if a person does not let go of the loss, that it can be very exhausting. Conversely, I often hear from people after therapy, after their negative emotions, they felt the rise of the level of vitality and energy.

4)Dysfunctional relationships learn more about their features here https://www.b17.ru/article/disfunkcionalnaja_semja/

5)bad habits and dependencies each of the bad habits and addictions takes an enormous amount of energy, often blocking the ability of man to progress and happiness.

6)Negative thoughts and install can take a huge amount of energy. If we day after day, and tell ourselves that we can't change anything, that nothing happens it usually leads to severe loss of energy. More detail on these thoughts can be found here https://www.b17.ru/article/mpm_1_kak_isportit_sebe_gizn/

here https://www.b17.ru/article/mpm_2_ohibki_mihlenija/

7)Wearing social masks. If we show ourselves not who we are, hiding your emotions, it requires a huge amount of energy that is not infinite.

8) Work which is not like you. Common factor of emotional exhaustion.

9)a Prolonged state of uncertainty. Often when a person can not make a decision and decide that it spends a huge amount of his energy and strength.

Thus understanding what happens to the energy we can take steps to ensure that, first, stop wasting it anywhere, and secondly to learn how to accumulate and implement wherever we need it.

Alexander Sergienko
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