What the psychologist needs an office? Maybe make clients home? Or in a cafe?


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At first glance, these questions may seem strange. Those who are already a little touched with the method of gestalttherapie who he tried to be in the role of therapist, who was at the intensive, you know, what gives the therapist the client is a "place" in my life – as in his attention, his presence, and in the truest sense of the word – a space where to be yourself in the presence of another person. Space therapy is the place to meet with your inner peace and place to meet with the other person. To provide space for therapy is an important part of the therapist's work.

Can a cafe be the place?

Maybe if the purpose of your meeting with client – send him certain information, knowledge if you take on the role of an expert consultant. Then your meeting with the client is something like business communication, in the framework of the usual social roles. In this "plus" space cafe your client will not only in the role of your customer, but also as a "visitor" cafe, that is, indirectly he is "obliged" to behave "properly", not to go beyond social norms. For a single consultation can be a good choice if you have confidence in the fact that in this cafe at the next table won't come noisy company that you will approach the waiter about ordering through every ten minutes.

Cafe is a suitable decision if you have no target that the client was found with a-real-without masks and roles, if you have no problem to meet with his feelings, which can be quite strong, and the manifestations of these feelings, which may be "socially unacceptable" - tears, yelling, crying, asthma attacks... if you are not planning to provide the client the opportunity to experiment with space – for example, sit closer to you or farther away, do not plan to look for ways to the inner world of the client, in addition to the "rational conversation" - for example, offer to walk around the room or to portray his bodily condition, etc., there is a café - an ideal meeting place, if you do not plan to gestalttherapie.

Could this place be your home?

Maybe if you have the ability to provide a full-time presence during the meeting – that is, not be distracted by the burnt mess, do not worry about the baby in the next room, and if your close people will be sufficiently warned about what you are currently working and you don't need to bother.

"the pros" home space - it provides a lot of resources physician: do not need to spend time on the road, it is possible to be in any comfortable clothing, despite the weather outside, it is possible to put your own favorite chair, hang a nice picture for themselves, to make good tea... - as the old saying goes, "home warm".

"minuses", space: often it contains a lot of facts that tells more information to the client about you, your lifestyle, your income, your habits, and so on – facts that you may not have planned to tell the client. And these facts may be subject to additional "portable reactions" of the client. As a therapist you have to be prepared for the fact that your personal life and your lifestyle, can be the subject of a client can influence the development of relations with the client. So what the space at home "personal paint" so that it can find your stuff, items that you value, what it indirectly tells us about your lifestyle and habits – on the one hand, the resource, on the other hand, the "minus" of this space - is indirectly opening the door to your apartment, you open the door to your life. are you Ready to ensure that the client will accidentally push your favorite vase in the hallway? Or chase your cat out of the chair? Are you ready to meet customer's question: "why are you always such a mess?" Are you ready for the comments of customer about your space, for example: "white curtains here would look better"? Are you ready for the questions about who you live with?

the Second "negative" space of the house – his vulnerability. If you are confident in the mental status of the client, if he came on the recommendation of the space of the house will be a good choice for you. However, if this is the first meeting with an unknown client, with which you may not have a chance to talk on the phone, and was only correspondence on the forum to accept such a client in his house – a bit risky for the therapist.

what other functions the space can perform psychotherapy, which space requirements can be a therapist - to be continued :)

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