Sitting on the window like a cat. See. I can so very long. Sitting, watching, dreaming. Me on the Windows of the cozy, quiet, and fantasy on. It's from childhood I have. When I don't know how to be - I go to the window.

Little I loved to climb the cherry trees in my yard, and then to move to the fence and through the fence to the neighbor's friend Roma. To play dinosaurs and cars. Mom was often in trouble because I was gone from the yard because my mom wanted to walk through the gate. But who needs a gate when there is a fence and cherries! I remember the skinned knees, dirty clothes and thin arms Romka, puts dinosaur collection.

Aunt Val (my mother's best friend) once gave a toy phone. It was similar to the present one the unit was in my room and another in the bedroom my parents Broke fast each early morning began with a heartbreaking and insistent ringing until, until my mom on the phone in the bedroom didn't pick up and said, "Hello!" I blurred into a smile, told a dream, something babbled and fled to the sleepy mother.

I jumped in CLIP. First, second... fifth, sixth... are the levels of difficulty and height. They were worn out in the trash. I was "cool", from the Germanic stocks of grandma ina. There are already 50 years ago, the knicker elastic in another way did.

Then my godmother brought Ostrovok: Dollhouse with furniture, tent, trees, fountain, barn, river, bridges, the beach, pool, swing, tiny men and animals, car, boat. It was the bomb!

In your next visit godmother brought Barbie and Ken. It was the second bomb! I could spend hours messing, dressed, the house they build, their sound. The family started crazy clothing and furniture. I especially loved Hiking with all this good to Granny's Inn. There was, in violation of any rules, to get up at 3am and go to the kitchen "to take the dolls"!

I Remember that I loved dolls to come up with the "clothes" of beads, earrings, pendants, rings, bracelets mother's. I called it "decorate" (with aspiration). They were stored in boxes and boxes on my dresser, and I of course was impossible. So I took them and dressed dolls, when no one was looking.

these are my treasures!

truly we are drawn to do what we are ordained for. And when we start doing this, once there is money, open your door, we feel useful, and the work seems like play.

what you loved doing more than anything in 5 years, what role did you play for hours on end what you had in the ears do not pull like you've escaped to do at any given opportunity - this contains an allusion to your business today what we should be doing! It's gravity and bring the pure pleasure (and income).

Remember!! Share what you loved in 5 years?)

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Natasha Gasilova
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