the pleasant Anticipation creates joy, joy turns into motivation if I start to act for the approximation of the future, waiting for pleasure.

Fear is also generated by the mind's ability to predict. the Foreknowledge of suffering creates fear, which can turn into a flight, the desire to freeze, hide, and sometimes attack. If flight or other protective actions do not help, then the approximation of the future stimulates the increase of fear strengthens it. br>
Fear I experienced people in a situation where it is estimated, for example, in school years or even earlier, in kindergarten, can manifest as fear of interview when applying for a job or before an exam in University, and the fear of not depends on a learned subject or not, there is a probability of success or not, and even even treat you as an examiner. This is often is the result of what happened in childhood and how did your parents, who wanted one of us to make a diligent and successful people. Sometimes very sincerely believing that scaring the child, they accustom it to good and act good.

the Fear may disappear completely, if we stop to predict in General. But then is reduced and the chance of survival. After all, fear protects us, and this is its main function. Just imagine what happens if fear disappears. We stop to look down, start to jump from heights, to dive to depths of 1000 metres without aqualung, to get close to wild animals to cross busy road. Do we have many left? In addition, the desire to anticipate so merged with our activity become a habit that we are not able to suppress it with an effort of will. br>


Infection of fear when you're afraid your family is important to you, or are you afraid of the surrounding, then fear arises, at least it wasn't in person. for Example, when parents are afraid of something, and constantly talking about it, they infect this fear of children. br> Expectation of suffering, against whom can't defend, can't even ease the suffering. For example, the doctor gave a disappointing verdict, the disease is already running, and will continue to hurt even worse.
the Foreknowledge of loss of joy and pleasure. For example, loss of status, fire, disaster, nobody got hurt physically, but to live what is not.

knowing that the usual remedies are not functioning, will lead to the fact that even if there is no threat, there is fear; for Example, when you see running to you great dog, you don't have even a stick to defend yourself , and in your imagination he already bit you, and you are just bitten, it is very painful. Though actually the dog ran past you toward his master.

Specific threats to the life and memories. People who have been hostages of fear of some memories about it.

evidence of a threat to the life of others. Can also become a source of fear. For example, a person who witnessed the attack or murder. Sees it as a real threat.

far-fetched stories, sometimes absolutely incredible that we on a conscious level we reject. But the unconscious whispers to us that it is real and under the bed, someone sitting huge and terrible , and here-here will catch us.

that one seems funny, others can cause genuine fear. Fear of certain animals or insects. The fear of a small spider that's smaller than my friend's 500. And maybe more, drove her into a state of shaking of the sheet. br>
Usually the person not absolutely correctly understands the source of his fear. However, in my consultations, almost all find the source in early childhood. Uncertainty is a powerful incentive to increase anxiety and fear. Nature fear the same, I'm afraid we answer to a lesson, or to respond to rudeness, I'm afraid to approach a girl to meet you or talk with a man, and sometimes, even afraid to admit to himself in weakness.
When we are in a state of fear, I want to win, but not winning, because we believe that the risk is too great not believe we can win, we want to achieve great results but do not achieve because they are afraid of pain. And even more we are afraid of the unknown.

I had a client, educated girl who has traveled around the world, but in a dark room could not enter. The question what is she afraid of, she replied that afraid of the dark, but what specifically could not answer. This led to the fact that she gradually became afraid to enter the Elevator, go outside, and then just locked himself at home, sat with the lights and TV for several days . Fortunately, it was only the beginning. I asked her to do simple exercises, and the fear retreated, but so quickly he doesn't always retreats, sometimes it is necessary to hold serious work. To learn to deal with fear and make it. When we fight, we amplify. Where the focus goes, the energy. When we let go of fear, let him be. We recognize that we have fear and no matter what we are afraid of a dark room or out in front of the class to answer the lesson. We just say, Yes I have fear, and I allow him to be. Not rejecting it, we are regaining the energy spent on the struggle with the unknown.

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