the First mistake that we allowed is shifting responsibility for your life, your relationship, another person. Begin to think that nothing depends on us, in this case we have to wait for a miracle when the man Matures and decides to change something, or how many are advised to flee from such a relationship.

just want to warn you that both these options are not effective, since waiting until partner will change all your life and if you run away from such a relationship, high probability of recurrence of a similar scenario in a new relationship. After the escape of our thinking is not changed, and therefore with a new partner we will behave exactly the same, that is to be a tyrant, a victim, or to endure.

To make it more understandable what to do in such cases, I'll give you the example of a little story. Imagine I had the knowledge or belief that if home flowers to feed, they will grow better, but my understanding is feeding a food. I start the flowers to regale all sorts of Goodies: cakes, pies. Flowers somehow start to disappear, that is the result of my actions shows that I'm doing something wrong, something I'm confused and when I find information about what is top dressing for flower and start to use the new knowledge to act on them, the flowers start to grow better. The result says that now my knowledge is true and I'm not mistaken in their views of how to care for flowers.

family is the same if I behave in a certain way in relation to the partner, the relationship is just how faithful my knowledge, beliefs and perceptions about these relationships, that is, if I act like a victim, it is not surprising that the partner will treat me like a victim. If acting like a tyrant towards partner, and partner will reply with your reaction to my on my actions, I am therefore convinced that if the problem in the relationship is bothering You, the issue can be resolved by working with You, you need to identify your false beliefs and knowledge, and to change them for true and support that will lead You to the desired result. Only by taking responsibility for your life and changing the attitude and partner, You will be able to build such relations which want. Love and understanding!

sincerely, Anna Levonyuk.

Anna Nikolaevna
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