a question to the neuropsychologist: "What if the child doesn't speak?"

non-verbal children becoming more and more. The nature of the human speech is very diverse, but regardless of the reason for the lack of speech in a child, the work on development of speech professionals and parents in the early stages will be similar in nature.

it is Important to develop all psychological functions, not just speech

Neuroscientists, that is, specialists who study how the brain provides higher mental functions, such as thinking, speech, memory, attention, perception, sphere of voluntary movements, it is known that to develop only it is a big mistake parents of non-speaking child.

At the first stage it is important not to pay attention to speech, how to build the Foundation necessary for speech.

Motion is the basis for speech

the development of the psycho-physiological basis of speech activity cannot be separated from motor development. Centers of the brain responsible for movement, are located near the centers responsible for speech and therefore they are closely linked. In today's world physical activity in children is becoming less and less. The children are now more sitting at the screens of gadgets and very little moving. Try to provide a non-verbal child more movement. This can be a physical exercise in the format of a visit to any sports clubs, children's fitness, and maybe even simple exercises in the morning. Don't forget that movement leads to it.

now let's recall our school years. After all, before children were no sessions with a neuropsychologist, and why? In many ways, this contributed to the fact that we had yard games: "catch-up", "cops and robbers", "classics", "clip", which not only brought a lot of fun, but also develop our motor and spatial functions and in turn speech.


To determine the cause of delay of speech development the neuropsychologist need to know, how did motor development from the birth of the child, whether the child missed any important point, for example, crawling. At each such stage ripen certain brain structures. If the child missed any of them, or violated the sequence order of formation of motor function, for example, when she first went, and then began to crawl, this means that an important stage in the development and maturation of certain structures of the brain, including speech, omitted or violated.

In this case, parents do not despair. A qualified specialist is the neuropsychologist can diagnose such violations and assign corrective course of lessons that will be most effective for a particular case. For example, in neuropsychology of childhood has a special method of physical correction

"the method of replacement of ontogenesis". With baby are special motor exercises aimed at activation and stimulation of the brain and replenishment of missing processes in infancy.

it is Important for a child to create an environment in which language would he needed

language Development requires considerable effort from the child. And so often the reason a child doesn't speak, corny is that parents, often the mother, they create an environment where we simply do not need it, and a child has no motivation to make efforts for its development. Let us remember the common examples: a child may point the finger, you may grunt, you may cry - and here, my mother already knew that her baby needs and then fulfills all his desires. Really, why to say, if you understand without words?

Parents can recommend to use "provocation method", by which they will "call it" at your child. Here is an example: give the child a choice: "Tell him to give you this or that?". When a child asks You something to give him (a toy, candy, etc.), be sure to ask him to name what he wants, rather than merely pointing gesture. And tell your child that you do not understand what he wants: "Name, I don't understand."

Also overcontrol and Hyper from the mother limit the development of such important functions of the brain, as regulation and self-regulation.

don't forget about the communicative function of speech. The social environment, the child's communication with a group of peers needed for non-speaking children.

a comprehensive approach is Necessary to solving the problem

Now children, we propose a new, widely spread method of "start of speech", which is a comprehensive approach to child specialists. It is aimed at the development of all higher mental functions. Engaging within this method, the child receives the help different specialists such as speech therapist, neuropsychologist, neurologist, speech pathologist. Training on development of fine and gross motor skills, connect various hardware methods (such as Bellatrix, barefoot, Timoko and many others), classes are held not only in individual or group form.

Summing up

the Brain is a complicated mechanism, a uniform system and it is important to develop all of its links. Developing the brain through a comprehensive approach that professionals have been rebuilding this system. Only through proper and comprehensive approach, professionals and parents can implement rehabilitative effect on a specific brain function – this, in our case.

Anastasia Ulyanova
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