What to do if the child is afraid of Santa Claus?

have You Ever been witness to such a scene?

the two-year boy came to visit to congratulate the New year Grandfather frost and snow maiden. However, the little guests were not happy. He anxiously glanced at the noisy strangers and prepared to cry. Even the emergence of a large toy excavator did not defuse the situation. The boy and sat on the arms of my mother, hugging her neck, and in the evening could not sleep...

so, the situation when children are afraid of Santa clauses, clowns and other children's characters - are not uncommon.

then this begs the question:
Why the child is afraid of Santa Claus and snow maiden?
whether it Is necessary to invite father Frost and the snow maiden home?
If Yes, at what age the child should do this?
whether it is Necessary to prepare the child to visit the magic guest?

Try to deal with these issues.

Why the child is afraid of Santa Claus and snow maiden?

How will the child react to Santa Claus and other entertainers guests can determine prior to their visit. See how the child reacts to strangers:
if he perceives them friendly and with interest or is afraid and hiding?
can your child communicate with another person directly or resorted to the mother as a "translator"?
if the child is inclined to initiate communication with a stranger or, more likely, will be ashamed and to be careful?

With answers to these simple questions You can understand how, in General, well developed communication skills of the child: if he sees communicating with other people how interesting and safe or not. And so the development of these skills, in turn, depends on the age of the child and its temperament and character, and from previous experience, and, of course, from education.

the Combination of these factors will provide the answer to the question: why the child is afraid of Santa Claus. br>
in addition, the risk of confusing the child increases if he does not know how the action will occur. Invisible in the garden to the morning the child is prepared, and he knows that when I come Santa Claus, he will have to tell a specific poem, for which he will receive a gift. br>
whether it Is necessary to invite father Frost and the snow maiden home?

If You are found in your child the traits of shyness and fearfulness, think of simple questions:
why do You want to invite Santa Claus and snow maiden: to please yourself and to the memory of a colorful photo or to please the child by giving him a meeting with the tale?
whether such a visit is a joyful and happy experience for the child? br>
If You are sure that Your child is ready for this adventure, then go ahead! br>
what age child should invite Santa Claus?

Often bad on Santa Claus and the snow maiden can respond to children up to three years. Small children, especially if they do not go to kindergarten, most comfortable feel in the usual circle of communication with parents and other familiar relatives. When the apartment suddenly appear strangers, loudly demanding, barely crossing the threshold, to tell a poem or sing a song, the baby could get scared. br>
However, even if Your child is scared of Santa Claus, but You still want to make a "New year present" is not necessarily to abandon a new experience out of fear... it is always possible to creatively approach the problem and help the child correctly to understand the situation.

If You really want to create a story for child, it might be worth it to prepare for the holiday. br>
How to prepare your child to visit the magic guest?

To our surprise, to prepare for the visit of Santa Claus in advance. For many children, as for adults, the most delightful in the new year's holiday – the anticipation of the approaching celebration. To create a festive atmosphere, or use in any time:
introduce your baby to new year's the hassle of choosing and decorating the Christmas tree;
decorate a house;
involve your child in the preparation of the gifts to the family and friends of the family. br>
along the way, ask the kid:
does the child what this New year?
who brings gifts to children?
what says Santa Claus kiddies?
that should make the kids to get a gift?

With older children you can discuss:
what character from Santa Claus?
where does he live?
what is the song or poem you like it?

Consider how you can give a kid confidence? br>
Maybe he'll feel better if congratulations You invite into the house the other children, cousins, brothers and sisters, neighborhood kids. Even a shy boy or girl, watching the children imitating older children, may feel freer. br>
Perhaps you should first talk to Santa Claus, especially if his role will be to perform not a stranger. Tell him for example that the child is reluctant to hand to other people, so don't put him on his knees, to hug. br>
the course you can adjust the script. Perhaps it would be better if Santa Claus will first communicate with the parents: "Show me your tree? And who was decorated with beautiful?", and then engage in a conversation and the child: "you Have a lot of toys? What do you like to play?"

Here's what says the mother,

who decided to cope with children's fear of Santa Claus:

"I Have a daughter, she is now 2.8 that last winter, but this Santa Claus was afraid of...until now ))) I included winter cartoons, where was Santa Claus, read books about him, told me that in the suit of Santa Claus dressed man (or even girl, in our case, at the matinee in developing the club will be Santa Claus for her teacher). Even got a musical Santa Claus (that set half a tree) and shoved it into her toys. It is from time to time looked at him, hid away, and today was asked to turn it on, he sang a song the second...and today it all day it is worn )))). Wednesday morning will see how to take your nositelnitsu in the role of Santa Claus )))"

Oksana, a participant of the group "How to educate a naughty child"

in short, go for the festive day with inspiration, and he will succeed!

Happy New year to You and Your family!

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