What to do if the strength is not enough?


Lena had a rule: "work hard, play hard". What was it doing in her head? Can parents heard, and maybe from teachers. Tips now and you will not find. In Soviet times it was a very popular proverb.
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Lena lived with this rule for as long as beginning to deal with the overeating and learn to take care of themselves. As it turned out, it had a negative impact on the quality of her life.

Lena wasn't usually one thing, but a mountain. And all of them must do so with a clear conscience (no guilt) and with peace of mind (without anxiety and alarm) to walk, to relax, to engage them and their personal Affairs.

She tried! Lena did not want to meet unpleasant for her emotions. And while all things diligently redid tired. Time, effort and energy on myself was no more. But there is a desire to eat.... delicious and plentiful. After all, if you don't care about yourself, care about you, Food.

When Lena revealed this clever mechanism with unfavorable consequences for her, then decided to act. She had ceased to believe in the rule "work hard, play hard". And invented for himself a new, more rational and useful: "I - it!".

What Lena meant by this new rule? As often as possible to choose yourself, your interests and concerns, to put yourself, as often as possible in the first place!

for Example, in the morning took the child to daycare and instead rush home thinking, "I Have a lot of cases. Ahh... How to do everything... I don't have time..." rather do things, first, walking, doing gymnastics, caring for themselves, feeding themselves delicious time doing his thing, resting, etc. with a clear conscience and with a clear conscience, and then other things if you have enough strength to them.

How will this affect relations with the food and quality of life? Very positive! Lena began to take care of myself, and of food was much smaller. You have more strength, energy, joy, pleasure from themselves and from life. With such a complex and less important things are made easier.
please Share, if you know this rule? Based on what rules? What the consequences are? Waiting

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