Before the New year remained a matter of days, and new year's mood does not. What should I do? We can't just leave everything as it is. Is it worth it to force yourself to have fun, or is there some other way to solve this difficult psychological problems? How to spend winter holidays to people who are used only to work and not know how to relax? To these and other questions answered psychotherapist "Center for psychotherapy, Dr. Ermakova" Anastasia Poltava.

— How to overcome pre-Christmas fatigue that have been accumulating all year and now makes itself felt in that moment, when absolutely no time to relax — and Vice versa, time to chop the salad and arrange a holiday family? It is necessary to make the final push to the finish line. But many can not — no strength. What's going on? What are the reasons?

— Perhaps such impotence emotional causes fear the New year. People are afraid to cross the threshold, afraid of what is there — behind him. The year was difficult, and fatigue is quite natural. However, as in previous years. People are working, sometimes multiple jobs. Plus we live in Siberia and we have a deficit of sunlight, vitamin D. Therefore, the inevitable seasonal depression. Starting in October, many are faced with constant fatigue, chronic lack of sleep. This is due to decrease in solar day. All these circumstances are superimposed on the current pace of life that leads to narkoticheskoi disease.

— What is it? How to recognize it?

— It is about people who work hard. This makes them more mechanized. They are normal, follow the rules, make a plan, practically live at work and in traffic jams. In our adult life, and so little pleasure, and in this mode it is not. Working people largely tend to perform some external function — they give themselves completely to the work and family, and have forgotten their internal needs.

Anastasia Poltava. Photo: Pavel Komarov,

— it Turns out that the person just turns into a function, forgetting who he is and why? What do you do?

— are We running away from my feelings and mechanically do what is requested of us. This is narkoticheskoi epidemic disease. People don't talk about their inner world, their feelings and emotions. We empathize with other people, we have decreased the level of empathy. We do not understand and do not think about the feelings and emotions of other people. We are less humane to each other, using each other as a function.

to change this person needs to find the resources that he pleases. Remember what brings you pleasure. This can be communication with friends, with family. Perhaps this journey to warm countries, the sun. Someone brings the joy of sport, Hobbies. Someone just needs to let things flow on their own, to weaken the hypercontrol, make it impossible to execute some business family members.

In many ways, we focus on external circumstances rather than internal experiences. It's such a escape from himself in an external processes, and rituals.

— Perhaps there inside the deep problems that must be solved to escape easier. Just pretend that you decided on some external task. Thus to deceive themselves.

— People often say that they have no time. No time to do them. Like, on the one hand, they want something. But on the other, they have no time. And in actual fact, whether they like it or not, is unknown. Maybe it's laziness. Or excuses. In the end, it turns out that because of internal conflicts.

— Much easier to work than to rest — when you work, then everything is clear. How to relax — many simply do not know. However, ahead of new year holidays, which must somehow survive. How to force yourself to relax and have fun?

— the Life of urban residents consists of work and play. Him more particularly to do nothing. Dependencies are not only from alcohol and drugs, many people are dependent on activities from working. It is their habit that is not so easy to shake. What to do with addiction? Must want to change something. You can try to do it yourself, and if necessary to consult specialists.

Perhaps starting with a list of what people would like to do in the holidays. For example, go to visit friends or invite guests. Maybe think about what you always wanted, your forgotten passions and dreams. You can just walk and relax, to meditate, to meet with his subconscious. That's comforting.

Psychologists do not give advice, and then it will not shift the responsibility for his life. However, around that for the rest, psychologists and psychiatrists adamant — need to rest. Rather, to observe the work-rest. Therefore, speaking about how best to spend the new year holidays, many can be recommended to just relax. Spend time with your family, without taking them to some activities, because of cases already had enough during the year. Walk in the fresh air, to do sports, to read good books.

Think about yourself to sum up the expiring year, to think about their plans for the next year. But do not forget that the plans just do not sell themselves. And if you make the effort then everything will work out!

Larissa Sokolnikov, the Internet project "Novosibirsk Novosti".

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