What to do if you fail to earn?



many Have psychological issues with money. 
I Have them too. 
Today I decided to share a technique that helped me to solve them. 

having Read this post till the end you: 

- Understand how does self-concept; 
- Able to strengthen their strengths; 
- Learn how to improve their relationship with money; 

Many people, when they can't make money, strive to improve their skills or, at worst, to find someone to blame. 

- this Usually leads to weak results, income even after the change of the profession remains at the same level - 

in order to move forward - we need to change the idea themselves. 

you Need to create a new image where you rapidly get richer and the money goes to you river. 

Recall, why it's so important to work with the image of ourselves: 

- We can't be better than our idea of ourselves; 
- the Idea of ourselves is called self-concept; 
- Pokrocila your self-concept, you improve your results; 

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How does the image of ourselves on the results? 

In our minds is the idea of self-efficacy. 

This is the idea as to how good or bad we have to do something. 

- People who earn very well have in your mind lots of images that emphasize the idea that this man has a good relationship with money. 

- People who are experiencing financial difficulties, on the contrary, have a lot of images (inner pictures) of problems with money. 

the more positive images associated with money, the better a person earns. 


instructions for changes. 

This technique allows you to work with images in the subconscious and reinforce the personal qualities that affect the result. 

the Ability to make money is also a personal quality! 

If you are a business, then this technique is important to work out your relationship with money. Illustrate. 


Step 1: TRANS - relax and take a comfortable position. Make 4-5 deep breaths, to stabilize. 

it is Important that you will not be distracted. 

Step 2: Imagine that you receive money as a way inside. 

- Look at this image, what size is this? 
- it is Moving or standing still? 
- he's Bright or dim? 
- or three-dimensional? 

- does this look sound? 
- If you have it loud or quiet? 
- If not, add it. 

- What are the sensations and feelings in this way? 
- what are you wearing? 
- What emotions do you live? 
- where your internal space can find these images? 

= After the initial analysis of the image we proceed to the next step... 

Step 3: database Analysis: 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

- a number of examples of getting money you can simultaneously reproduce? 

Play all the available images-a situation when you received money at the same time. 

- In what part of the space of consciousness are they? 

- All examples are located in the file Cabinet or hang before the eye at the same time? 

- Can you immerse yourself in any example and to get used to him? 

Step 4: Change the images in some places, yet the feeling will be stronger 

Add in the images, the sounds, add colour and increase them in size until the feeling becomes more intense. 

Step 5: time frame.

- Define these images that you see belong to past, present or future? 

Step 6: Examples from the future.

Place all the images in front of him at a time and ask your unconscious to add image pictures, where you get the money from the future. 

it is Important to add at least 50 - 100 new images. 

When ready, you will feel much more confident in obtaining the money. 

Step 7: Securing 

When you feel enhance the quality, thank the subconscious for the talented work done and ask them to take that change and embed you for life as a guide to action. 


the Technique is difficult, but allows you to get out of the stupor in 5-10 minutes, by strengthening their personal qualities. 

Separately, I recommend to create a list of qualities that you would like to develop and work through a quality technique. 


Learning to manage your self-concept You will be unstoppable! Will you be changing faster than problems! 

Next I will share with you best practices, techniques and strategies that allow you to transform the idea themselves, to come to different results. 


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