What to do in the summer


Summer is in full swing, soon will end the first month of summer. Summer - time for vacations, beaches,  vegetables and fruits, long  days and short nights.  What to do in the summer to make it memorable? Catch the list of ideas. Perhaps some of you have already done. 

1. To try all the seasonal berries and fruits/vegetables.

2. Meeting friends in a new place.

3. To meet the dawn.

4. Take a stroll at sunset.

5. Walk through the puddles.

6. Enjoy the drops of summer rain, stepping in puddles.

7. Read books that have long been delayed and wanted to read.

8. Go on a journey, even for 1 day in a nearby town/village.

9. To swim in the pond.

10. To inflate bubbles.

11. To visit family and friends.

12. To choose the most delicious ice cream.

13. To gather a bouquet of wildflowers.

14. Walk barefoot on grass/earth/sand.

15.  to Try something you've never tried to do.

16. Watch new movies online, watch movies.

17. To implement its ideas in your work.

18. To get rid of garbage in the apartment, computer, phone.

19. To dance, to sing.

20. Watching clouds, looking at shapes in them (kind of meditation).

21. Enjoy the birds singing.

22. To make an unusual surprise for their loved ones.

23.Take a walk every day.

24. After a day of doing nothing.

25. To sleep.

26. To meet new people.

27. Call the person with whom you have not communicated.

28. To engage in their own development.

29. Visit an amusement Park.

30. To inflate bubbles, no matter how old you are.

31. To try/cook a delicious cooling drink. 

32. To meet a stranger in a unusual place. 

33. Go to a concert/festival/exhibition.

34. To watch an interesting show.

35. To try the water rides..

36. To arrange a festive day out holiday dates. 

37. Visit a new beach.

38. Notice of new species of plants and animals. 

39. Do exercise in the fresh air.

40. Ride/walk the new route is not as usual. 

41.Make a collage of summer pictures.

42. To help another person.

43. Learn a few phrases in a foreign language that you are taught.

44. To make a gift/a nice to a stranger.

45. Please pour water to stray animals, they are very thirsty. Sprinkle a bit of food, they will be grateful.

 Most importantly stay this summer, don't delay, be open. Happy summer to you all. 

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