1.Learn to feel that you are in the area of emotional stress and do not hide from themselves and others the recognition of his uncomfortable state.

How it happens:, due to the gradual entrance into a state of physical and emotional strain, usually there is not a moment beyond his resource and people continue to convince themselves and others that everything is fine, just a little tired or need sleep or have not been on vacation, etc.

2.Define available to you, at this point in time, ways to reduce emotional and physical stress, if not to comfortable, to acceptable levels.

If the existing skills of self-healing is not enough, perhaps it makes sense to seek help.

3.To restore the resource state need to balance the duration and intensity of being in a state of tension duration, and intensity of recovery status.

How to understand it: you cannot restore resourcesthe after five or six days of work one or two days off. The duration of the load does not kompensiruet intensity recreation.

4.To exit the physical or emotional stress do not drive yourself to the stress of emotions and resources above the existing discomfort level you felt in step 1.

How it happens: Now I'll try and quickly finish it and then rest.

5.Learn to remember emotionally intense events are not for regrets about missed opportunities, and for understanding and recognition the moment you enter into a state of "beyond the limit strength of your forces and emotions." Recognition of this condition is the first step to to keep resourcest in the future.

6.seeking to create a zone of physical and emotional comfort and to stay in it.

Note trap! Offer to step out of the comfort zone contrary to the homeostatic nature of living organisms, including humans.

If you went to a psychologist, it is likely that you are in paragraph one of this article. To change the status is the meaning of finding a new comfort zone, corresponding to the relevant life tasks, not to increase voltage or try to return to previous comfort zone.

Tsvetaeva Lara
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