being a mom and wife, it is a great happiness!

I am also a mother of three children, I find it very hard to give birth to their first child and at the age of 21.

I did not feel support, not inside not outside. The medical staff was tired and cranky. This day was a lot of accepted genera, and in front of me for giving birth the woman very much shouting. I was there. You lie naked and dependent on the situation, it's frustrating and scary.

When my turn came, the first negative words in my address, I began to lose consciousness. Fear paralyzed me. When I called the doctor from the intensive care unit, the first thing I heard. I'm proud of you, you're done, you will succeed.

Support can not always go outside. If not the person I would like to build.

So cute girls create online inside even before the birth of your baby.

the Resource mother resource happy kid, beautiful relationship with the kid's dad.This is the most Important thing in life.

taking Care of yourself, You will pay large dividends.

anyone who reads this recommendation, it is important to understand that for healthy and easy childbirth very important many factors which recommended by the doctors.

This proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to maintain muscle tone and correct breathing classes. All important, but not all doctors can help create the spiritual climate for the entrance of new souls into this world.

Therefore, the recommendations are here given from the point of view of the psychologist, the soul. We often attach great importance to our body, but do not understand how it is interrelated with the soul.

so what would the birth was easy, it is important that you feel good, warm relationship with their parents and You have a warm, trusting relationship. A good relationship is when You are close with your parents feel calm, confident, protected. A tree without roots can not live, a man without the support of their ancestors can live, but to call it an easy joyful life is impossible.

it So happened that because of the war and the pain of many of our ancestors had closed the flow of love to your future generations, and instead of love began to pass on complaints, criticism, accusation and contentment in his children and their partners.

And if you have a claim to their parents, perhaps You are unable to fully love them too. Energy and You and Your children is not enough. A person can live on the resources of youth, and then as lucky, it's a game of roulette.The welfare of children and light coming into the world connected with Your mom and dad with other women and men of your type.

When we have no peace and no support of parents come on hard times. This can be understood by observing the history of my clients.

What is the first need to take a step in this direction.

Technician: "to be Separated from the heavy."

is Done with the figure on which You received less love and acceptance. Mentally from mom to get another mother, the one that You like. One that You or Your dad has been treated unfairly. And see two figures, the mother who gave life and the mother which is not a resource, difficult .

And from your body to get the pain that was taken from mom. Got and gave a resource my mom and said, "You can pass on to their parents, where is this place. I sincerely look and return to you what does not belong to me, your experience."

We can give only with love. Look at it as the experience I have gained Your mother from their parents. It's just experience, and it's her choice to live this experience. And Your choice will split with this experience .

And look at the mother who gave you life, thank her for it. When there is life, it is very much to give yourself. See it at this figure, take and draw out a lot of love and respect.

Learn to focus their attention on the resource mother will see that you have a good because of it.

Perhaps you are responsible or attentive, or active, or calm. Look at the qualities that you help to live in this world, which you took from your mom.

technology is good. It helps to divide heavy, and connect with power. Maybe not immediately to be obtained, this is normal. To make this work, you need to keep track of feelings and reactions that occur to You. Also be aware that the source of these reactions were before.Then, You as a child could affect his parents and their relationship, and now to share the pain and joy you can.

Joy leave pain give. And maybe you need counseling to work through the childhood trauma of sitting deep in your mind and your body. Ridding yourself of pain, You will create a new space, which will come to your baby.

you can Also work with other figures (dad, grandpa, grandma, etc.)

Today you learned about the first step of separation with a heavy.

There are other steps, such as to take the power of women kind of how to reprogram his birth, or the unfortunate birth of the first baby. How to become a small figure in relation to the parents, and stop to take care of them. How to become a partner on equal terms and not be a mother to him.

If You have any interest in this topic, ask questions, sign up at the meeting. To be a happy mother and wife it is a great happiness!

And if You do a lot inside the pain and complaints, and you are often irritable or lethargic condition, then it's time to take the first step to improvement.

I Will be glad to help You in matters of conception, pregnancy, birth, parenting and building a happy relationship with a partner.

Write with respect to Your psychologist Oksana.

Yakovleva Oksana
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