And how to teach him to calculate the consequences of risky actions.

Children can not live without adventure. They always have to look and I must say, rightly so. In fact, scientists have proven that cognitive activity is crucial for the development of the human brain.

So the desire to constantly discover something new — it is natural for any child. The task of the parent not telling the kid "don't go, don't go here", and arrange crumbs around the space as safe as possible for eksperimentov.


It is incredibly important for development as very young children and older preschoolers and school children. A suitable environment should limit the intervention of the adults in the study child. So, to promote the formation of a natural thirst for adventure.

of Course, children should not be total freedom of action. For example, if you live on a high floor, you must ensure that the children are not able to open the window, climb on the windowsills.

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But each child will still need to provide a certain freedom, to give him a feel nezavisimym.


Tak if he fell and skinned his knees, landed badly in the games room or head over heels rolled down from a hill, not in a hurry to run to the child and exclaim.

Children immediately read our reactions. Mom was alarmed, then I'm doing something wrong, then we must terminate — that is the chain that builds in his head a preschooler.

while the broken knees, the hand injury — a common injury for someone who every day checks of the peace and his strength.

If your child has fears, it is important to help him overcome them. For example, if the child is afraid of dogs, the best way to overcome fear — the whole family to go to a shelter, where the puppies live. When we have fears, we think wider, which also affects the development of our consciousness.

If the child is afraid to climb trees, likes to run fast, jump high — he refuses to explore the space, it is necessary to create the most comfortable environment that he decided to take the first step.

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Even the kids who like to risk, it is necessary to feel support and protection roditelei.


what to do if a child is overly risk? If you have created a safe space, and he still tries to jump over your head?

If you feel that the child has gone too far, it is important to intervene and see if he thinks their actions.

for example, when you see that he's only going to climb on a high hill, ask him, did he think about how it will spuskatsya.


Children often are guided only short-term desire, live here and now, so to work with them different consequences of the same situation (in any case not to frighten: "yeah, you're going to climb up and how to pop out") — excellent prevention of conscious thinking.

Discuss dangerous situations whenever they may arise, and you will see how the child will slowly become to consider the risks. Don't forget in this case to encourage his attention.

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