- What to do with a high level of anxiety and something to read on this subject? br>
- High level of anxiety normally associated with our inner world, which is hostile because of possible injuries in our history. If you go a little deeper, you can see my alarm is actually associated with repressed into the unconscious aggression. br>
For a start I will say that aggression is primarily a force for the realization of our genuine needs. The force that will allow me to grow, to realize themselves and their desires. Then we can say, that I can assign my aggression and I know how to manage it. br>
However, if for some reason I could not direct their aggression on someone in the outside world, and she for various reasons have been blocked, then it redirected me. She wants to live in my inner world. And run my alarm, as if attacking from the>
In this case, the aggression will be displaced into the shadows along with my ability and needs. And, in turn, generate anxiety, fueled by fear, shame and guilt. br>
Now as for lowering high anxiety, there are a few things. br>
first you will need to practice to assign their aggression. For this we need a good place to start is to examine your needs to gently and gradually guide the aggression as valid for their implementation. br>
second, we need to "build" a relatively durable, yet flexible personal boundaries. To be able to show their feelings, not blocking them. This can be achieved by knowing and feeling that it probably is mine, and what probably still there. And to Express>
finally, we need a secure domestic container, which will be capable of our concerns to containerevent. This means that we will have the ability to withstand it, and then reduce its level and even to nullify. And often most importantly, what you have to work to develop in yourself gradually, this skill samaranayake emergent alarm. At first containerhouse the space is a therapeutic space and the therapist, in which is placed the disturbing and frightening aspects of the personality of the client. He also containerwe and processes together with customers to learn with them just to be. And in this mutual process is also obtained to develop the skill of>
However, the key to reducing the high level of anxiety will be just a gradual discovery and realization of their true needs. br>
as for books on the topic of anxiety I advise you to read Jungian analyst Donald Called "Inner world of trauma", for example the Chapter "the nature of the alarm Mary."br>
Michael Petrushin (consulting experience)

Mikhail Petrushin
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