Male jealousy is an alarm bell. I always recommend women to look at men IMMEDIATELY. When you just start Dating when you have a lot of gentlemen and all care for you, pay attention to their reactions. Are they satisfied tantrums and scandals, do ahead of time to show possessiveness? If so, it's not normal. And here we ought to think about whether or not to pursue a relationship with this man?⠀

Legs of jealousy grow out of childhood, nedolyublennosti, feelings of inferiority. From the fact that the person is not aware that he should love just for the fact that he is, as he is. For him this is not enough. In childhood, we have praised you have to bring a good grade, get out of the room, with no one to fight. And back then, we were praised and told that I love. But did not Express love so simply. That is for love always had to be some conditions, and now we carry it in real life.⠀

But, men, not yours! And it should work with this problem. It should raise their self-esteem. And all these sayings "jealous – it means love" is simply nonsense , after all, and what happens then? "Beats – means loves"?

the Issue of men's jealousy can be solved only by the man himself. You only can offer him to go to a psychologist and say that his creepy jealousy you fundamentally are not satisfied and his work with the psychologist will be a condition of continuing your relationship.

This does not guarantee the agreement of your men. He may not be ready to accept the problem and start to work on it. But! Then you have to weigh the pros and cons. Would not it be worse with time, not grow if his jealousy is exaggerated? And in this case, what can you expect from this man? Will he be able to control myself, and what the consequences might be...?⠀

Love and take care of yourself, good luck!

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sincerely, your psychologist, Victoria Kirst

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