Remember the Soviet cartoon "38 parrots"

- I Have an idea, I think.

-All the time thinking the same thought not! It is very harmful! From this you can get bored and sick! ©

But the Monkey is absolutely right!

In cognitive psychology a meaningless repetition of the same thoughts called ruminatsii. These thoughts are directed mainly to the past: "why did this happen?" "what I should have done differently?" or Vice versa, future-oriented, it is the desire to predict the risk and to look for ways on how to cope with it or avoid it: "what if...?".

This "mental chewing gum" takes a lot of energy and resources that could be spent on constructive strategies.

the Most unfortunate options to cope with ruminatsii:

1.Avoidance or suppression of thoughts.

2.Strict control of thoughts.

3.Use of surfactants to control thoughts and emotions.

meanwhile, there are effective exercises for coping with their thoughts.

1.Recognize the fact that we can't control everything and everyone, so worry about that are beyond control, it is meaningless.

2.If ruminate is directed to the future, try to imagine the worst scenario. Presented? Now ask yourself the question: "how do I handle it?" The response is usually very fast, and the stream of obsessive thoughts stop.

3.Use your errors as a learning experience. When rumination oriented in the past, make useful conclusions and not go back to the situation.

4.Give yourself a specific time to worry. For example, every day at 13.00 I'll worry about 20 minutes. And once you catch yourself in ruminate, remind yourself that the appointed worry time has not yet come, and take care of business.

5.Practice awareness. This is a great way to return to the present moment, instead of wasting time on pointless anxiety.

I Hope these exercises will help you cope with your ruminatsii. If you can't do it yourself – welcome to advice.

Shuvalov Olesya
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