"What do you do with that dream already dreamt?"

(Karl Renz)

Recently found a whole collection of recommendations for getting rid of dreamed terrible dreams. One reputable practicing witch took the trouble to describe in detail the methods of neutralizing the effects of the nightmare, right emphasizing the feature of bad sleep to ruin the whole day, and even life, instilling anxiety in the dreamer. After the eternal Russian question "What to do?" followed the following guidelines:

"the First thing is not to tell anyone their bad dreams. But if you really want to share a bad dream, to get relief, you can share with the wind. Roll down the window, tell the wind your dream, ask them to take a dream away with the words: "Where the night there and sleep, Amen!" A few seconds looking out a window, send a dream to the sky and imagine how it dissolves there. You can help yourself with your hands, making kicking out of the movement".

Frankly, a similar recommendation in my childhood I received from my grandmother, sometimes used and I, from time to time, helped. Worked until I believed in. Man, it should be noted that often helps up for what he believes. The placebo effect. In fact, people force their own imagination announces his dream flown away after the night. However, not only with dreams so I decided to do, but with other troubles, pretending that all is well that trouble and does not smell, no enemies, no worries, no difficulties, problems and even more... But how wonderful, once remarked Yung at the lecture his students:

"If you see a herd of cattle or pigs, and declare them non-existent, they will immediately fill in all around, cows will eat rose bushes a pig climbs on your bed and I'll sleep there!"

Once a critical mass is declared non-existent difficulties erupts into consciousness and the person is in a very difficult situation, it is often literally buried under the heavy weight mentally charged heaps.

But if sleep is the most important warning?

the Following recommendation was even more interesting because it included the simplest recipe of interaction of two substances - solid and liquid:

"After a terrible sleep, not talking to anyone else, go to the kitchen, pour a glass of water and throw in a pinch of salt, mix saying: "As salt dissolves in water, and my sleep goes without a trace and without harm. So be it!" Pour water in the toilet, and a glass and a spoon wash".

I'll Try to draw an analogy: a dream is salt, water - saving Wednesday, taking in itself, "without a trace and without harm," a glass vial of chemical or alchemical vessel of transformation. The dreamer makes the process of hydration of salt, repeating the action a medieval alchemist, whispering a spell on the water. And what on earth caused such unconditional trust the water with its solubility property? Chemistry, of course, we are now learning in school and know that a dash of water to dissolve, if the solution is unsaturated with salt.
But, perhaps, somewhere else in the depths of our psyche lives the knowledge of water as the cradle of life. Asleep sweet memories of the oceanic broth of amniotic fluid, in which life began. What is blood plasma, if not sea water. We trust the Mother Water, and she knows exactly how to deal with intimidating us sleep. How to know this pleasant feeling of security when you can cuddle up to the native breast and complain about the offender and all the nightmare is over.
Psychologically, this method confirmed the ability of the human psyche to shirk responsibility, passing it on to more knowledgeable, competent older. And each of us, when speaking to the doctor, to a certain extent, believe in his competence. This place again I can not remember the words of Jung that currently doctors have replaced priests serving in the temple, where the deity is a disease. The temple became the clinic. Mantle priest's white robe.
But what, then, is the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the temple of health, and what is to blame, if the ritual did not help, and the doctor was able only to eliminate the symptom but not the cause? Carl Gustaf Yung in his work "Psychology and alchemy" very clearly expressed the idea of who can count adult people have

"if he wants to find that supports him when he can no longer support himself. Only this experience can give him an indestructible Foundation".

One must be one.

the Third recommendation of the woman appealed to those who retained the connection with the Lord. It is concise and straightforward:

"Read Psalm 90 at the revival."

In fact this prayer is published in the section "PRAYER in the ATTACK of the evil FORCES PERPETRATED" the Jordanville Prayer book.Thus, a frightening nightmare equal to the attack of evil forces.

From a psychological point of view, the demon, the devil-the tempter - is a complex of the human psyche that excited. The actual identity of each of us is the mental ego-complex, the dominant consciousness and continuously captures events of life with a memory of himself. There is described the phenomenon of multiple personality Billy Milligan. He was obsessed with 24 individuals, of different sex and age. In fact Billy was the only one of the inhabitants of his own body, but he was able one day to gather his fragmented consciousness.
Religious worldview, the institution of confession, conversation with the rector of the Church or a spiritual mentor many hundreds of years has enabled man to assimilate complexes or interact with them. Held the rituals of exorcism or liberation of the possessed from the evil spirits they possessed, that is, from complexes. Was conducted, and now many of us will remember "Our father"?
Edward Edinger in his book "Jung's Myth for modern man" addressed to those who do not know the prayers with these words:

"I do not appeal to players who believe, but to those many people for whom the light went out, the mystery faded, and God is dead. For most of them there is no turning back, and besides, there is no certainty that the return to the old faith it would be good for them. If we want to understand religious issues, it remains, apparently, the only way — a psychological approach".

If there is no faith, no Confessor, and in fact, what's left?

the Fourth and last recommendation proposed to draw on the leaf a symbol of sleep: "...Just don't draw the details – enough for one word and schematic figures. Burn the pattern, fly ash rinse in the toilet!"

the aim of the recommendations was to give a real embodiment of your fear, then destroy, resorting to the help of two elements - fire and water. Similar rituals were used in ancient times and belong to the so-called sympathetic magic or magic like. Fear has been embodied in the picture, not so terrible, quite harmless and even attractive at times. It can crumple, wither, dissolve, and generally to do anything. Ritual action over character is action over sleep. More less repeats, more repeats, less. On the emerald tablet of Hermes Trismegistus inscribed:

"what's underneath, there is as it is upstairs, and that upstairs there is the way it is at the bottom, to embody a single alinost am."

a Single existence? But what is it?

More accurately than Carl Gustov Yung, it is hardly possible to define:

"the Unconscious is the source given, which again and again increases the consciousness. The consciousness of being conscious, is actually the work that tires us. We can focus on a relatively short time, but then inevitably return to the unconscious, asleep or immersed in the unintentional Association."

the Unconscious below consciousness – at the top, together – one that Exists.

the Dream – dive into the unconscious, into the abode of consciousness, able to speak the most ancient known languages – the language of images. Abandoning the dreams we actually lose touch with its nature. And what, then, remains for those who got rid of his own dreams, dropping them to the wind?

Belief in magic involves a significant degree of unawareness, of faith without explanation. Modern man is quite aware that to think over who was Hermes Trismegistus and wonder if sleep is one third of life, whether it is reasonable to declare it non-existent?

PS Jungian analysis reveals the skill of interaction with the unconscious and it is that healing stays with You forever, as a bonus, if you will.


Inna Yudina
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