What to do with the fears?



Father (little boy): Luke, why don't you go to sleep, and I'll tell you a story about a gorilla, a flying robot and an alien.

Son (3.5 years): No! (knows a lot of stories and characters)

Father enthusiastically: what if it was a super cool story?!

Son: Good (goes to bed)

This is an example of how much imagination can affect us.

Sometimes positively, inspiring the creation of new masterpieces, bold decisions and bold actions. And sometimes Vice versa, if imagination mixed with fear.

can Easily frightened by sudden loud sound; the man, threatening us at the moment; moose, night, encountered on the road and so on. And all this is fears now, they are objective and caused by indisputable facts.

But often we are afraid of something to come; something that you probably don't know (fear-o-then). And here without the imagination anywhere. I like comparing experiences of fear with the writing of history.

first, both have similar structure: the plot, the main action and the denouement. If I'm afraid of flying by plane, then in my head I will roll minisuit: how to get into it; then something went wrong and here we are already falling sharply; then a tragic ending. Or as happened to me: I resign from office, become a psychologist, earn very little, the girl despises and throws me; surrounding laugh and call you loser! Alley-OOP and the story drew in my mind for a second.

second, suspense! It is always in any novel, and in every fear. I never know how will actually, I can only scroll through the different options of outcomes.

Imagination itself is not compatible with rationality and objectivity. This is his magic resource. It is if you want some kind of children's magic. At the same time, the threat. If my fears there is no place for reason, logic, sober look at external opportunities and internal resources, the threat multiplied by the unlimited creative resources makes fear a multi-ton. It immobilizes and paralyzes. So in my example, not using reason, I could not see and assign their resources. Returning to my example, I could say to myself: I'm young; I'm a fast learner; I have money; I have my own housing; I have the opportunity to request temporary moral and material support of my family and so on... in the end, I can try again and then return to Finance, if nothing happens.

by the Way, only after a while I realized that meant my therapist when he said: "Ilya, you have a lot of resources!". Perhaps so, but you can see them sometimes if the emotions no longer take precedence over reason.

While I will not separate flies from cutlets, rational from the imaginary, I remain a prisoner of his fears.

And finally. We more often write scary stories than life-affirming. So we brought up: the need to survive, not to trust anyone, to be safe. And it is not a characteristic marker of how I perceive the world. Or as full of possibilities a world of abundance, positivity and reasons for joy. Or as something depressing is fading, and competitive deficit. Each of these prisms determines the direction in which my imagination works. But that's another story :)

My only wish — dream often, write positive stories-fantasies in my head, though in the smallest details! Not all fear.

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