Every day I get asked about how to cope with pain, resentment, frustration, fear and a whole list of other "negative emotions.

But for me there is no bad emotions. Each of them is our reaction to what is happening, not more. And once we decide how and what we respond to. In other words, our health is all our responsibility. Even if someone has treated You badly - that You decide how to react. As if someone made it very pleasant. To rejoice or not - your decision.

Yes, to live some other more pleasant state. Plus, entire generations were brought up restraint in emotion. No one taught them to understand and accept. Taught them NOT to SHOW. That's forgotten how, used to repel negative experiences.

But you can't just kill emotions like a creature that scares you. Will not work.

once you have lived and felt pain, she stays with you. The pain now is part of you. Accept it.

All of these folk wisdom: "time heals", "to be okay" and others - give hope that over time, the feelings themselves are not as sharp and painful. Fade, cease to influence us and our lives.

But it is not.

Over time, we are just continuing to live will be less to remember. Shift the focus to something else. But do not forget. It is worth to play in the memory of details of past events, there it is, a feeling. Even if ten years have passed, it's all the same bright and strong. Maybe even stronger. The real thing as , the wine in the basement, typed in the power of the time. Only added notes of bitterness and sour aftertaste of regret.

pain is a part of us. And that's a fact. How's the arm, for example. But we don't cut off your arm because she doesn't know how to play the guitar? Or, for example, the right of the meson legs, because he always hits the foot of the bed and causes excruciating pain. Do not tie a hand behind his back, not to use and not to see, if we don't like.

as with emotions. We cannot pretend that they are not.

They are and will be. Each. That's our part. Perhaps even the most beautiful. Thanks to its existence we are human beings. Not just mammals.

When a person lives a life with principle: "show what you want to see", seem to play a role in a lousy theatre.

good on stage live, even if you play role.

When the emotion live the feel, not the one that I want to see it, it is much prettier and more natural. Not to mention that more pleasant.

as originally nature intended. Maybe sometimes we should listen to her?

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