What to do with your child part 3


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parents Often ask advice on what to do with a child that was interesting to both. Here great ideas coming from childhood, the main thing to remember!

Here's what you can do together and is simple and nice and most importantly magically from nothing to make something

Out of colored paper or pieces of fabric

for Example

Or so

Well, it's really quite simple... :) But as bright!

What a flight of fantasy, and no extra costs, you only need glue, scissors, colored paper, ... and GOOD MOOD! :)

Can try another way...

This is another idea, but it's all there on the Internet

Or so

So brilliant and so simple! And joy will ocenim gloomy night is guaranteed to you!

And here's an idea... next Halloween... Holiday though "not Nash", and children like him anyway

And for those who like something more complicated, you can try like this

the Birdhouse with his own hands... His production will probably take more than one night, but most likely the kids will remember how you did it together and becoming adults.

Or you can do it - it is "aerobatics"

a Kitchen out of cardboard boxes :)

so many Ideas! It would be a desire! Then time there! :)

I Wish you good luck, good health and enjoy spending time with your favorite children!!!

P. S. "the next release of our program" - spending time with older children .... We can say with almost adults... Or just with adults... :) "stay tuned..." :)

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