What to give man on February 23?

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You already "broke his head" what to give on February 23? I understand you.

Remember the Soviet times. The selection was small. Cologne "Chypre", socks, handkerchiefs, blades "Neva". Then in Vogue foam, and in tubes, in cans not in the nature. This packaging appeared in the perestroika time. The selection was small and nobody was embarrassed that almost every year the gifts have to be repeated.

the men of that time, even was such a joke "Over Cologne, I wear socks rather, on February 23!"

Times change, the range of gifts has increased significantly. Changed needs of men and women opportunities. And we still every year again and again ask myself the question: "What to give a loved one?"

If you are afraid of experiments, it is better to ask him about it in advance. But I think you can and experiment.

Classic gift shirt, tie and perfume is still relevant today. Men also love dressing up, especially in the shirt, which gives a lovely woman.

the Perfume is, of course, very personal gift. But some men are completely unpretentious. Knowing the basic direction that your man likes to navigate easy. And if you still doubt, have the opportunity to purchase a gift certificate. Giving the certificate that you do not risk anything. The aroma of the man can choose later on your own or together with you.

If you know the Hobbies of your favorite, great gift will be the subjects of his Hobbies. A good foreign language dictionary, player, fishing rod, a racket.

going to the theater, concert, hockey or football match in the living – Hobbies.

In large cities there is a service the gift of "Entertainment" acts in the course of the year. You pay for the entertainment now, and he can use it in the course of the year ( received a nice plastic card). Up to 12 different fascinating things to choose from. Zorb, parachute jump, ride a snowmobile, Alpine skiing, cable car, horse ride ID. – entertainment for every taste.

Accessories is also very appropriate. Cufflinks, tie clips, leather belts, beautiful diaries, keychains, pens, partmone, key holders, business card holders.

Drive with your favorite music, unless of course you know what is like or with a good movie.

Who is brave, can give a "joke." Their diversity is now also striking.

Once saw a flying alarm clock with a button spinner. When the alarm starts ringing, the chopper takes off and circles the room like a helicopter. Until I catch the button turn-and not getting it back, the alarm didn't stop ringing. I do not soak for a long time.

Men unlike women prefer practical gifts. A nice gift might be a good tea, bitter chocolate, coffee, and possibly a coffee grinder.

a Romantic evening, think, too, is very awkward.

Not necessarily wise, if you do it the first time. This needs to be tasteful. To set the table for two festive. Tablecloth, forks, beautiful dishes, And some main dish, which you have not prepared your beloved.

By the way for a romantic evening, you can purchase new inexpensive but beautiful plates and glasses for two, if you are a family or couple together for a long time.

In the course of the evening arrange a bath for two with candles, fruits and aromatic oils, weak smell.

you Can give a Bathrobe or towels, toiletries - some men are very fond of such gifts.

And whatever your gift, guess yourself, as long as it was from the heart. Even if the gift is inexpensive, but given from the heart, it is nice.

don't want to be banal and yet expensive way, especially if it is sincere and from the woman. Most importantly, be in a good mood and is related to the choice of a gift, as fascinating game.

I Wish you good luck and great gifts!

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