there was a bird in a cage. And was that bird owner who kept trying for birdie to decide what she wants.

He cared about her. Bought the most expensive food, arranged the gorgeous cage, was constantly beside her: worked, slept, and even took with itself in travel. And sincerely do not understand why she eats little, sitting in the corner and hardly moves. The feathers fell out every day. But the main thing - a singing bird was silent.

the Owner exhausted thoughts: "What he thinks his bird? What feels? What did she want?". And all he came up with were useless. The bird turned away and was silent.

It angry ordering:
- come on sing it, you ungrateful stupid birds!!

- Well, how could you?! I have so much time with you do, care about you, all!

Tried to negotiate with her at your options, as it seemed to him best for the birds.

At some point he even waved a hand at her, reconciled and left unattended for a few days. Then felt the guilt, drew attention, but nothing has changed.

Seeing that the bird dies, he walked up to her and asked: "What do you want, my bird?".

the Bird turned, startled, flew up to the door and beak began to pull the lock.

- Good, sighed, I open the cage, but you fly and be sure the evening will come back, instructed it.

he Released the bird, and it flew out. The owner was very excited to return the bird. For him, the day seemed eternal. Finally the evening came. Waited for the owner of the bird, but she never returned, violating his orders.

All night he was worried. Exhausted thoughts. Remembered everything, looking for what I was doing wrong. Stronger and stronger he was angry and offended, then, at his ungrateful bird. In the morning went to check the cage and there sat two beautiful birds, eat and sing loudly.

- You're back!! That's where your happiness bird. In my trust. have Long had not you to think and decide, and to ask: "What do you want, my lovely songbird?".

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Silver Olga
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