Recently, sitting in waiting queue of "Sberbank", the listener has a thorough conversation of the two women who were discussing their adult children. At some point I realized that the whole conversation you can fit in the same sentence (see the first). In this process, and tried in one or two sentences to summarize some long conversations in which I participated either as the source, client psychologist or as a psychologist or heard them somewhere. I got almost a continuation of the post "a Little psychotherapy of the absurd". Any resemblance to reality is possible, because we humans tend to repeat itself...

1. My son adult, accomplished and smart man, and so he understands that mom better not to anger.

2. I have decided to part with her, but she could not guess.

3. My buddy is naive and stupid people with slave mentality, and because of it, he turned to shun.

4. This guy fails to understand is that if I ignore it and look down on him, it means that I like him. Don't know what else to do to it is realized.

5. It's her and not me. That is, on the contrary, it's not about me and her. Ugh...

6. I can't take it anymore. Make me anything, but don't ask me about anything!

7. I'm looking at you and thinking about what you think when you look at me, analyze the position of my body in the system of spatial coordinates, and think about what I have thoughts about what you think of me, when... What's wrong with you?

8. I love my son. It is a pity that he's not a girl.

9. He can't stand the truth. I tell him that he's the shit, and he curses in response. I told you – he only wants a sweet lie!

10. Tell me I'm not stupid! Now, you said it, and I feel like a complete idiot...

11. I want to meet girls... all over the world there is no any me girl... I want to meet a non-existent girls.

12. I understand that you, psychologists are not magicians, and that I will eventually have to do it by myself. Just give me a step by step instruction how to live, and I'll take it.

14. You said I was psychologically dependent on the mother... I think you're right, and I talked about it with mom.

15. I don't understand why you get mad when I insult you? You're the psychologist!

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