"She felt fear... the Fear that paralyzes, Fear that does not eat and sleep... And blessed sleep comes only at the moment when the body is no longer able to keep... And still feeling constant nausea. It seems that my head is spinning. And the concept of "cognitive dissonance" yet she never felt with such force. The soul and mind could not and did not want to be together, to cooperate, as if it happened – would have had to face the reality, the truth with which to face not wanted...".

Sometimes I forget how old I am. I have a strange feeling – I feel 17 years – directly and happily, impulsively reacting to their environment. In another moment I believe I am already 60 years old when I creak, soudnich, tiring of others, feeling the fatigue from it all. In any case, with your age I are extremely rare, as if refusing to accept it. It's the fact that I wonder how much I've managed to do to survive... And how many more did not, did not... But I'm going.

In our environment recently there was a tragedy, an event that broke our heart, lost our husband and longtime friend, an incredibly good man, big MAN – simple-minded, kind, responsive. He always rejoiced in your success and genuinely upset when you have something did not work. He is no more. The world really lost a good man. And hurt by this. It pains me so much to be done to them. It hurts – how many more would like to do together. It will always be for us a young 27 year old guy, whom we will miss. He will live in our hearts.

The worst in this situation was that as if after him there was nothing left. Left what could be its continuation. At this point I really began thinking about the value of children, no matter how creepy and corny as it may sound. I had a feeling that leave it behind offspring – would still be something – what that part of it which will continue to walk in this light. Children in some degree to give immortality. Memory also gives us a immortality, the recollection of the beloved and dear people, but then as if only children are given the opportunity to live forever.

also Scary was that, when dying young is a terrible thing because of its injustice. Like the just-blossomed beautiful flower, rejoicing in the sun, and in the next moment, just took it and tore just like that. It hurts when an old person dies, but there is a mitigating circumstance - he lived, he felt his life, passed some cool and uncool periods, but still went. He had time to rejoice, time to mourn, but he had did.

And even the most terrible and horrible, but at the same time, and the joyous lies in the fact that life goes on – you have to move on. The sun rises and sets as it should. We continue to go to work, to lunch, to read books – life goes on and doesn't stop. Only stop our feelings, and inner world collapses.

Life is interesting and rich, there is always somewhere we leading. We can be dissatisfied or rather to thank Providence for what we have. We can plan what we will do tomorrow, next year, dreaming about how your other half will be aging. But no one knows when will come the final. For some, it gives a saturated feeling someone is struggling with his fear – all react differently to it depending on how they live.

Because in the end it does not matter - what have we learned, how smart and cool we are, how we feel when we are bursting with pride. Basically it is just to feel that I'm still living is important. It is important to feel the warmth of loved ones, to hear the purring of his cat, to feel the scalding tea, the taste of a favorite soup... It's important, and the rest is what makes our life, make it diverse.

no matter How much we read about what life is finite and we must take from it what you want, do not be afraid to be yourself – in fact, practically, we rarely interact with it. In the end I want to offer you an existential exercise - "Lives without himself." Working with fantasies, ideas. Instruction: "When you are forgotten, for the first time seems to caught the world living without you. Imagine now that life goes on without You, by itself. Look at it from the side... Now go back to bed. Draw Your feelings that You had during the exercise in the picture". Analysis reflection: "if the world Changed in Your absence? Important if You are in this situation of life? How do I become alive? What has happened to You during the exercise? How do You feel today?". This exercise, involving a small number of letters carries strong emotional overtones. Try. Or try to apply it in working with the client.

In conclusion, I would like to say the following. We are important in and of themselves. Our lives are important to us. But most interesting is that, in fact, the most important we are for our loved ones, for our others – that they really feel our value, know our value.

I Wish you – never complain about your life, talking about how you hate it, but to do so it was a joy, as summer costume, which you at the time.

Our friend loved life and he knew how to live!!!

Kozhina (Repacova) Ekaterina
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