What we sow?


a Situation that I want to discuss with you, I see (by virtue of their place of residence) in Moscow. If somewhere something differently (and I'm pretty sure that there are places where different things happen), then please share your observations.

so. How people in Moscow often react to that if they, for example, someone hurt in the street, in transport (pushed, for example)? Well, very unfriendly: or look contemptuously hostile, or say something quite rude surly voice, "Watch where you're going!". Yes, of course, not all do, for what they thank you need to say! And what will happen next with the participants in this incident? The one who touched it becomes irritated as a result, bad mood, someone made a remark to him. Next, they with someone from such their condition irritably to pulseinterval and transfer thus the baton of discontent and this very irritation further increasing the negative emotions and increasing tension in relations between people.

But is it really us who specifically pushed? If he wanted just so much to make us something unpleasant? Maybe he already embarrassed himself, and he reproaches himself for that somehow touched us. Is it possible to look at what happened, not from a position of such hurt, insulted or humiliated, and with positions that no one anything bad were not going to do: we did not intend to hurt, offend, that's just a coincidence ? Perhaps his most someone pushed, he might just hurt you inadvertently. Why is it necessary to be angry, to feel that hurt our pride?

I think in such situations would be better for all (not only for the participants of this incident, as I noted above), if we act friendly, smile, try to understand that everything that happened is not aimed against us. Thus, we will support, and the other will be more willing to understand us, to try next time to be more careful. From good communication and everyone will have a good mood and others may their loved ones we're not getting it.

Let's try to be a little kinder to each other! Let's sow good mood, good communication, support, showing how even unpleasant situation, you can do something positive. For example, many can be treated with humor!

Here are my thoughts today.

And you'll be asked in the comments to distribute, with perhaps some ideas in voiced situations and not only. Thank you!

Machines Vladislav
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